Army man ‘captured and killed’ in Redwini gunfight: militant claims in last call home

Army man ‘captured and killed’ in Redwini gunfight: militant claims in last call home
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Anantnag: The Lashkar militants, killed in Redwini gunfight here in Kulgam district, on Tuesday had, during the course of the gunfight, captured and killed an army man inside the house they were fighting from-one of the slain militants told his family before he was killed.
Police maintains that the army man was shot at during the search operation inside the house militants were hiding in, and could not make it out.
Waris Malik of Arwini and Aijaz Ahmad Makroo were killed in the gunfight. An army man, Prakashn Yadav, also lost his life in the encounter.
On Tuesday morning as the militants, holed up in a residential house, and government forces traded fire, rumours spread in the area that two army men were captured alive by militants.
A day later, the rumours have been found to be partly true – one of army man apparently had been captured.
In his last phone call home-recording of which has gone viral over the social media-Waris, the militant from Arwini, can be repeatedly heard telling his family about the captured army man.
During the call, which roughly lasted some 21 minutes, the militants’ mother can be heard asking her son not to, “hand himself over to the dirty tyrants,”
“Fight and do not hand yourself in to these dirty tyrants. Fight like a tiger,” his mother can be heard repeatedly.
To her mother’s pleas, Waris can be heard assuring her that her son was a very brave man.
“Your son is a brave Mujahid. We have captured one of the army men alive,” Waris tells his mother and then repeats the same to more than half a dozen people during the call.
Towards the conclusion of the call, Waris tells one of the relatives to hang up the call as the forces upped the offensive.
“They have upped the offensive. We have an army man and two civilians inside the house. We might leave them and fight again,” Waris can be heard saying.
What transpired inside the house, during the course of the gunfight, is hard to tell but later in the day it was known that an army man had also been killed by the militants, “in an initial burst of fire”.
A senior police official from Kulgam partly acknowledged the story while talking to Kashmir Reader.
“The army man was not captured. He had gone inside the house for the purpose of carrying out a search. The militants took us by surprise and fired. He was injured in the fire and was not able to leave the house in an injured condition,” the police official said, requesting not to be named.
He said that the army man had later succumbed to his injuries inside the house before the militants were neutralized.
“He could not, unfortunately be rescued, as the militants kept firing indiscriminately,” the official said.