Jama’at expresses anguish over recent killings

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Srinagar: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir has expressed anguish and resentment over the recent killings in Kashmir.
A Jama’at spokesperson in a statement said that perpetration of untold miseries and tyranny upon the hapless people of Kashmir who stand deprived of all rights which are available to them as human beings.
“The forces show no mercy towards them and even desecrate a dead body by mutilation which is against all human values. They shower bullets and pellets upon them without any discrimination of age or gender. Even children and women become the victims of their wrath and merciless vengeance,” he said.
The spokesperson said in the last four days as many as 19 youth became victims of “mercilessness” including a 14-year-old girl Muskan of Wangund Qaimoh and a 16-year-old boy Noman Ashraf from Bolsu Kulgam. Besides the killings, scores of youth have been injured in bullet and pellet firing in the current week in south Kashmir.
“An innocent girl child of 18 months has been hit by pellets in her eye and crying in pain in a Srinagar hospital. The property including the residential houses of the people are also at stake. So far innumerable residential houses and other structures have been razed to ground and the household properties worth billions of rupees have been damaged,” he said.
He said the life, honor and property of every Kashmiri except a few, living under government security cover, are at ‘stake’ and “there is no guarantee of their safety”. “The common masses are suffering badly and are mentally disturbed, having no hope of any security because of the presence of the government forces personnel carrying lethal weapons in huge numbers in and around each hamlet in the valley,” the spokesperson said.
These forces have got license to commit any atrocity and violate any fundamental right of the inhabitants of these hamlets under AFSPA, he said.
“No court of law or human rights commission can question their apparently illegal actions in any circumstances and they get big rewards and certificates of felicitation for this exercise,” the spokesperson said.
Jama’at asked the world human rights organizations to fulfill their responsibility and take effective measures for stopping these ‘violations’ of human rights of Kashmiri people. Jama’at also extends its deep sympathy with the bereaved families.