Cat out of bag: Congress

Cat out of bag: Congress
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Jammu: The Congress on Tuesday said that Governor SP Malik’s statement had vindicated its charge that the BJP wanted him to install a government “through defections against all constitutional norms”.
State Congress chief GA Mir in a statement said, “As the Governor had no option except to invite the single largest party claiming majority to form the government, he resorted to dissolving the assembly to prevent the government formation, since he was under pressure to install BJP supported government.”
Mir also regretted that Malik “is lowering the august office of the Governor by repeatedly changing stance and retracting statements”.
“But the cat is finally out of the bag now: that Modi government was pressuring the governor to install a chief minister with backing of BJP by arranging numbers apparently through horse trading. For over five months, the central government and the governor waited for the BJP ally to coble numbers by hook and crook for government formation but as soon as there was a genuine claim from other side, PDP, having their own numbers for the same, he (Governor) had to rush for dissolving assembly by closing all channels of communication, although a week ago he had stated that assembly shall not be dissolved but kept under suspended animation even for full term of six years,” Mir said.