Some Antidotes to the Crisis of Unemployment in Kashmir

Some Antidotes to the Crisis of Unemployment in Kashmir
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Life requires wherewithal to live. It needs logistics and loads of resources to sustain. And, it demands a monthly assured income to exchange the money earned by the hard labor with the commodities that are necessary for living a healthy, prosperous and dignified life. Without assured income, life becomes difficult and humans become dependent on charity from others.
Like all other things there is a stage for income generation in life. This stage depends upon the economic condition of a person and his family. If a person belongs to a poor family that person is compelled to work from an early age and if the person is of an economically well off family, he can afford to postpone the income earning for the later stage and invest his time in building himself and gaining knowledge, skill and experience. However, this is not a hard and fast rule; at times, people from poor families are not able to find any work for generation of income(s) and a person from a rich family starts earning very early in his life.
Income generation also depends upon the level of the economic development of a society. A society which is economically well off, there rate of unemployment is lower than the one which is economically backward. The rich countries of the world have low rates of unemployment and the developing and the developed ones have higher rates of unemployment. At the same time the type of employment which is there in the developed countries is qualitatively of the higher standards and in lower economic countries it is of menial and drudgery type for majority of the labor force.
The introduction of technology and scientific methods of doing things have changed the trends in the labor markets. The field of economy which was earlier labor intensive needs much less of human resource. The introduction of machinery and mechanical modes of farming in agriculture has reduced the requirement of labor in this sector. This has rendered a large number of unskilled labor jobless in the areas where such methods, and machines of farming, have been introduced.
Thankfully, the spread of urbanization and the requirement of labor for infrastructural development for this modern activity have lessened the rate of unemployment to a great extent. Plus, the requirement of skilled labor for running the machinery and modes of modern technology has given a boost to the labor market. All people who possess some or the other skill are normally easily absorbed in this market anywhere in the world. Hence, a person who is skilled and has some talent and training faces fewer problems to find employment, and employment opportunities. The problem arises when these skilled people are not able to find any employment after making strenuous efforts.
Most of the developing countries face the problem of unemployment. The onset of new modes of education where knowledge is gained and acquired with comparative ease than was the case in the times gone by has resulted in generation of large population of skilled labor. These people have spent the major part of their lives in gaining the skills, knowledge and training alongwith the resources which are equal in proportion. The economies of these countries are unable to absorb this huge skilled labor force. These people as such remain outside the labor market and are unable to earn any income.
This is where the problem of unemployment gets complicated. In the earlier times, when gaining only little education was a sure guarantee to get employment but today even the people who are qualified to the highest level, who pursue professional and technical courses and who undergo through rigorous training are unable to get any employment. Majority of the students go to the highest degree of qualifications because the employment opportunities in the intermediate levels are not much and they think that after going to the highest point they could find employment opportunity. Once they reach to the highest level there too the number of opportunities and posts are very less. Many are not accommodated even there.
These highly, and professionally qualified, people face tremendous problems when they fail to get any employment. All the hope are associated with them by their parents that, once they complete their studies, they will not only improve their conditions, but will also improve the economic condition of the people around them. But their failure to gain any employment sends their families in a state of shock. They could hardly believe that their efforts and investments are not bringing any outcomes and returns.
Many of the qualified young people get involved in mental disorders and anxieties. They fail to cope with this situation and become hopeless and helpless as well. Many fail to live their lives up to the basic levels of satisfaction. They fail to accommodate themselves in any other alternative branch or area of life. Many even get involved in different crimes and antisocial activities. Some become drug addicts and alcoholics. In short, instead of proving a boon to their families and the society, they turn out as liabilities.
The problem of unemployment is becoming grave in Kashmir. Here it gets even more complicated than all the other areas where the rate of unemployment is high due to the fact that the government is the main sector of employment. A person who gets accommodated in this sector feels as secured and employed and the rest are unemployed. The dependence on government jobs is such that even if a person earns double and treble than the one who is in the government sector, still the person in the government sector is preferred and considered as employed.
Noting else satisfies the thirst and desire to get a job than a government job. The influence and importance of government jobs is so high that even the people who complete their professional courses decide to go for even the lowest posts in the government sector. Many have already joined on menial jobs in comparison to their qualifications. Nobody is ready to accept the reality that the government sector has its limitations beyond which it can’t absorb any people. Anyhow and by every means government job is preferred.
This has reached to a crisis situation and stage. The unemployment rate has gone too high and the government sector is already almost saturated. It can absorb some thousands of people but it cannot absorb all the lakhs of them. They need to be absorbed somewhere else, they need to search for some alternatives and if there are no alternatives, they should make them. They should search for their opportunities everywhere in the world. The government should aid them to get those jobs.
Else they should give up the hard and fast rule to get a job in their field only. They should be ready to work in any area for work is worship only, it is never bad. Instead of staying idle better is to earn something by being a labor. Those who work get their work done and they do the work of all others. The nation of Kashmir needs these people to who are ready to work in any field and not those who if they fail to get a job of their kind stay idle or get involved in crime or anti social activity. Once they get their type of job they can give up the other works and go for that job of the choice. Let’s start working from today and stop being idle from this very moment.

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