Overflowing trenches at Baramulla hospital create misery for patients, staff

Overflowing trenches at Baramulla hospital create misery for patients, staff
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Municipality not responding to repeated requests for cleaning

BARAMULLA: The patients, attendants and the staff at the district hospital Baramulla are suffering as the bathroom trenches of the hospital are overflowing leaving the washrooms unfit for use.
Sources in the hospital said that all the trenches were full from several months and despite requests to municipal council for sucker machines to clear the trenches, nothing had been done. Not only are the people suffering, but the overflowing water is also endangering several walls of the hospitals.
Several attendants said that they are using bathrooms at the houses of friends or relatives living close to the hospital, but the patients and others who have no place to go, were helpless.
Medical Superintendent District Hospital Baramulla Dr Masood Ahmad said that he had requested municipal council Baramulla to clear the pits and trenches of hospital from past several months but the council was not responding.
“I already paid Rs 7,000, however they have yet not cleared it, due to which not only hospital staff, patients and attendants are facing problems, a main wall of the three story building is about to damage,” Dr Masood said.
Baramalla municipal council used a lone sucker machine to clear the trenches of government as well as civilian buildings. Sources said that the sucker vehicle of council, which was earlier defunct, was sent to Kupwara district by officials to clear the bathroom trenches of an army camp, and after it was, it went defunct again.