KU holds Seerat-un-Nabi (SAW) conference

Srinagar: A Seerat-un-Nabi (SAW) conference was held by Kashmir University at Zakura campus on the theme – Seerat and its impact on modern society.
According to the statement, the conference was organised by KU’s Sheikh- ul–Alam Boys hostels on Wednesday.
Students and scholars from different departments participated in the qirat, naat and quiz competition during the conference, it reads.
Prof. G. N. Khaki – Director Centre of Central Asian Studies chaired the programme and highlighted the significance and value of Seerat.
Khaki stressed on how to inculcate the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in to our lives such that chaos and uncertainty will be eradicated from the society. He also persuaded the student to make the best use of their time while concentrating on different aspects of knowledge during their stay in the hostels and added that such an approach will help in the growth and development of academics at the University of Kashmir in its true perspective.
The participants from boarders which includes PG students and scholars from various departments presented their views on Seerat and its impact on modern society.
Programme convener and Warden SA Boys hostels while speaking on the occasion said that best way to celebrate Seerat is to adopt the concept of “Adab-e- Zindagi” into our day to day life. He further said that we must be kind to others and obey the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).