Even 70 years of loyalty hasn’t earned pro-India parties Delhi’s trust: Mirwaiz

Even 70 years of loyalty hasn’t earned pro-India parties Delhi’s trust: Mirwaiz
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Srinagar: Mirwaiz-e-Kashmir Umar Farooq, who is also the chairman of his faction of Hurriyat Conference, on Friday said the pro-India regional political parties have not been able to earn New Delhi’s trust despite constantly pleasing it by “betraying own people”. He said the hunger for chair seems to be the only driving force for these parties.

Mirwaiz, while addressing the Friday congregation at the historic Jamia Masjid Srinagar, said after 70 years of loyalty and servitude, New Delhi has branded these parties as “anti-national Pakistan agents and terror supporters”.

He said the “extreme opportunism” displayed by the pro-India regional parties – National Conference, Peoples Democratic Party and Peoples Conference – “is appalling to say the least, even at such a time when the whole nation is reeling under worst form of repression and killings and is under assault from all sides by the powers in control”.

“I wonder if the realisation of the daily struggle and sacrifices of their own people – whom these parties claim to represent for deciding their destiny – will ever hit them and they give up the politics of sheer opportunism and self interest and have the courage to join in,” he said.

“For these parties, it was always only the self-serving government formation and rule,” Mirwaiz said. “Sadly, hunger for chair seems to be their only driving force. It made them betray the trust people had placed in them in 1947 when they deceitfully joined hands with India ignoring the wishes and universal principle of people’s will in deciding a nation’s fate. And since then, they have not hesitated to collaborate with New Delhi in inflicting pain and suffering on people as a consequence of our struggle for the realisation of our political will and aspirations.”

Mirwaiz said these people often justify their actions by saying that they accepted conditional accession to India with safeguards such as Article 370 and 35A in place.

“We ask them what is the state of these safeguards today, have they even been able to defend these before the onslaught of New Delhi. It is the people who keep hitting the streets and paying with their life for safeguarding it. What leverage do these parties have before New Delhi to hold it accountable to the constitutional safeguards for J&K. None, because New Delhi finds new opportunists among them, pits one against the other exploiting the weakness of each for chair, while these people keep compromising and yielding ground to New Delhi for the sake chair till things have come to such a pass where our very identity as a people is under great threat.”

The pro-freedom leader said if one looks back over the past 70 years since 1947, there has been a pattern and policy of New Delhi to rule Kashmir by proxy through their selected ones.

“First it was late Sheikh Abdullah removed by late Bakhshi then late Sadiq then late Mir Qasim then followed late Ghulam Mohammad Shah till when the plug was pulled on Mehbooba Mufti and the recent drama thereof. This is the trajectory of a colonial setup not any democratic process,” he said.

Mirwaiz also paid tributes to six armed youth killed in a gundight with government forces at Bijbehara, Anantnag on Friday morning.

“It is extremely sad that we lose our young men each day. Everyone wants a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute but our youth take to arms out of despair and anger against the extreme repression and injustice people face,” he said.