Ensure basic amenities to people: NC to admin

Ensure basic amenities to people: NC to admin
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SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Friday expressed dismay over the erratic power supply and urged the governor administration to ensure that consumers get adequate power and water supply during the harsh months of winter.

In a statement issued here, party’s provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani said the people of Kashmir are faced with the scarcity of electricity and water. “Ever since PDP-BJP government came to power till date, no new power projects were commissioned in the state thereby making a mockery of the poll promises these parties committed,” he said.

Wani said inadequate maintenance has rendered water sources around the valley defunct and there has been no change or any effort to upgrade the power infrastructure in the state, he said adding that much of the up-gradation in the power sector was done during the Omar Abdullah-led government.

Taking a dig over the current state of affairs, Nasir said, “The administrative and development issues have been the first casualty of the persistent dull state of affairs ever since PDP-BJP coalition took over the reins of state. The incumbent governor administration has proven no better and has left the common people to fend for themselves.”

The NC provincial president said that work on many projects was put to a halt by the former PDP-BJP led government. “The infrastructure and civic amenities ought to be upgraded to meet the rising demands of the rising population and their requirements. Unfortunately that never happened,” he said.

He said that administration is supposed to keep in touch with the civil society in order to gauge various exigencies people in the state are facing. “It ill-behooves the current governor administration to shut its eyes to the woes of people. Until a popular government is in place, governor has to ensure that people get uninterrupted basic facilities, be it water or electricity,” he said.