ML condemns shifting of prisoners to outside jails

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SRINAGAR: Muslim League (ML) Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday condemned the shifting of Kashmiri political prisoners to outside state jails.

A Muslim League spokesperson in a statement while condemning the shifting of prisoners to outside jails and the treatment meted to the prisoners there, said that it’s open violation of agreements made in Geneva Convention 1929.

He expressed anguish and concern over the ‘worsening’ health condition of prisoners, saying “they are being ill-treated and subjected to mental and physical torture in jails”.

“This is a gross violation of national and international laws which compel every country to abide by these rules and regulations to ensure the safety of every individual under custody,” the spokesperson said.

He also said that there is no permanent posting of doctors inside the jails nor the minimum requirement of basic dispensary is available. “It is sheer political vendetta that detainees in outside jails are ill-treated,” he said.

He said the detainees in jails are political prisoners qualifying for more human and civilized behaviour from their captives, “but the authorities brazenly and cunningly subject them to inhuman treatment”.

The spokesperson said that different articles of Geneva Convention 1929, covering the provisions like medical facilities, religious needs, better treatment etc are completely ‘ignored and violated’.

“These tactics will not deter us from pursuing our goal of right to self determination,” the spokesperson added.