The Growing Scourge of Unemployment

The Growing Scourge of Unemployment
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By Suhail Ahmad

Unemployment, according to the dictionary, “is the situation of actively looking for employment but not being currently employed”. In a recent survey, the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) in collaboration with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) found that Jammu and Kashmir has the highest unemployment rate of 12.13 %. While as per Economic Survey Report of J&K , the unemployment rate in the state is 24.6 %. In the age group of 18-29 , the unemployment rate is 13.2%. ( G.K)
Unemployment is an inherited problem faced by the developing countries, and every successive in their election manifestos claim to be giving employment to youth as their priority, but once the elections are over the promise turn out to be promises only.
The employment status in Jammu and Kashmir is worst, particularly in the Kashmir division which is a conflict ridden area, having no private sector to speak of available; the youth have to rely on government jobs which are scarce. Every year, thousands of youth pass-out with graduate and post-graduate degrees but once the youth try to get employment; they have to face stiff competition owing to meagre number of posts in relation to candidates applying.
J&K also has the honour of being one of the corrupt states, which has further ruined the chances of deserving candidates, in whose place the blue-eyed candidates having political connections are adjusted in-lieu of hefty amounts of bribes.
In addition to this, the application fees amount is high which add to the woes of unemployed youth, who find it extremely hard to arrange the money and then do not even apply.
The unemployment is leading to a number of problems; the youth tend to get into depression, stress, no marriages (as our society is turning out to be a materialistic one, where employment is seen as pre-requisite for marriage). The unemployed also get involved into anti-social, anti –ethical activities such as robbery, drug peddling and even murders.
The growing menace of unemployment can be curbed by stopping the murder of merit; the deserving candidates should be selected in a free and fair process free from political and administration interventions. Any candidates selected on the basis on corruption, once proved should be, disqualified for life-time along with the officers helping in getting jobs unethically.
Besides this, the administration should develop the private sector into J & K. In addition to this, it should also try to keep the fees for application forms reasonable, which is used as money-minting enterprise by employers.
Last but not the least, the onus is on the youth themselves; they should try to focus on develop employment for themselves as well as others by starting income generating units like poultry farms, sheep rearing forms, handlooms, paper- mache as well as other arts, which would help in employment generation, art revival as well as reducing our relying on outside state supply of meat, eggs, vegetables and so on, which is draining our economy.

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