On the Expression of Love and Devotion for the Prophet (SAW)

On the Expression of Love and Devotion for the Prophet (SAW)
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Muhammad Shafi Bhat

The Islamic faith is based on primordial principles; there has been life before this life and there will be life hereafter. The first human being on earth Adam(AS) was himself a Messenger of God on earth. After Adam(AS) , with the passage of time, humanity expanded and the chain of Prophets too increased as it is very pertinent for survival of humanity that every nation should be guided by a Prophet. The person who became ‘seal of Prophet-hood’ was our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). There is a unanimous agreement among Muslim sirah scholars, historians that Prophet (SAW) came to this world on 12thRabbil Awal. Therefore, Muslims every year around the globe out of their love and reverence for Prophet (SAW) celebrate His arrival to this world which is often called ‘Mawlid-Nabi’.
There is no doubt in the fact that Prophet’s arrival to the world is the most significant favor of Almighty on whole humanity in general and Muslim ummah in particular. The Holy Quran while stressing us to remind this unique favor calls us
Indeed, the Prophet’s (SAW) personality is a mercy unto universe and to be happy at the arrival of any mercy is the Divine order; even the moments in which a man remembers those blessed moments makes him happy and joyful, as the Prophet’s(SAW) life and teachings are the epitome of mercy so it has been the way of his followers to be happy in the remembrance of Prophet’s(SAW) arrival to this world.
Since centuries, Muslims, across the world, have been celebrating the arrival of the Prophet(SAW) to this world. Though the nature of celebration is changing with time and space but the essence of the celebration of Mawlid has remained same, , that is love of the Prophet (SAW) which , is at its own, is fundamental to the very faith of every believer. The Prophet’s(SAW) tradition clearly mentions love of the Prophet(SAW) as the essence of faith of a believer, “No one is faithful (momin) unless and until one he or she doesn’t love me more than his self, his parents, his children and every human being”.
History is witness to the fact that this love and devotion of the Prophet (SAW) has always been the prime identity and symbol of faith of a believer. It has been a kind of gravitational force for Muslim warriors, motivational stimuli for Muslim scholars and an illuminating guide for Muslim Sufis. The primary aim and objective of the celebration of Mawlid is to get acquainted with the love of the Prophet to such an extent that this love may illuminate a person’s inner and outer character. This blessed month of Rabbi al Awal once again makes us remind, how worst of the world happened to be blessed of the world under his able guidance, how one person without any kind of force or compulsion just because of his character and morals created a galaxy of such personages who themselves became torch bearers of his message of peace and love in the different parts of the world, how down the history his biography, teachings and his love have ignited hearts and minds of millions. Our present situation, both at individual and collective levels is itself in need of his model of conduct so that we can combat both inhuman and irreligious forces of the time. So, let’s take a step this Rabbi a Awal to make the love of the Prophet (SAW) as our prime priority in life and to follow his trans-historical teachings in letter and spirit.

The author is a Doctoral fellow of Islamic Studies AT Kashmir University. He can be reached at: bhatshafi.11@gmail.com