Baramulla’s BJP ULB members say govt ignoring their security, accommodation

Baramulla’s BJP ULB members say govt ignoring their security, accommodation
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BARAMULLA: The members of municipal committee in Baramulla, affiliated with BJP, are alleging that the administration was ignoring their security concerns and not providing them safe accommodation.
Six candidates backed by BJP won the urban local body elections in Baramulla last month.
The committee members told Kashmir Reader that the government and the BJP had promised to provide them safe shelters when they were contesting, but “forgot us soon after the elections”.
The candidates said that the government had shifted them to a hotel in safe place after they submitted their nominations, but had suddenly stopped paying the bills.
“When we submitted our forms, the BJP and the district administration including police department assured us that they will arrange quarters in safer zones for us and will take other all responsibilities of candidates including our food and other. From the time we were living in a local hotel and hotel bills were paid by administration, however from past few days the administration completely forget us, nor they paid our recent bills nor they are giving us proper security,” the members alleged.
“We met with deputy commissioner Baramulla but he said administration has no funds.”
One of the committee members said that he was living in a hotel with his two teen daughters, and mother “but we passed several nights without food, because administration is not paying our bills”. The members alleged that both the BJP and the government have forgotten their promise of accommodating them in safe quarters.
BJP state president Ravindar Raina had sponsored some facilities for us but later he too forgot us, some of the members said.
Deputy Commissioner Baramulla Dr Nasir Ahmad Nakash said he has asked the members to send a list of candidates for accommodation in Srinagar.
“We have informed them to send us a list as we will accommodate them anywhere in Srinagar as there is no extra quarters in Baramulla, but they have not send us their total list. Yes, we also provide them funds for their living but how long, I already informed government, as the candidates will send us a total list, we will forward it to government and government will accommodate them in Srinagar” Nakash said.