Our Youth Should Make Prophet Muhammad(SAW), the Mercy for All Humanity, as Their Role Model

Our Youth Should Make Prophet Muhammad(SAW), the Mercy for All Humanity, as Their Role Model
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Raashid Ul Nabi Khan

Almighty Allah says, ‘It is He who has sent His Messenger (SAW)) with the Guidance and Religion of Truth. He may proclaim it over all other religions even though the ‘mushriks’ may detest it.’ (Saff 61:9)
In this verse of Holy Quran, the actual mission of Prophet (PBUH) has been defined that Allah has sent him with the guidance and that way of life for mankind which will lift its followers from depths of degradation to the glorious heights. Historians have failed to account for sudden rise of Arabs. It was only because of the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which made them so great that 1200 years old empire of Persia was utterly destroyed within nine years .There are some non Muslim personalities in the world who have said great things about our Prophet (SAW) like Thomas Carlyle, “A hero Prophet was sent down to poor shepherd people who made the world great within the shortest period of 23 years.”
Michael H hart in his book ‘The 100’ has ranked the great men in history with respect to their influence on human history. He ranked the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as the most influential man in the human history. According to Hart, “My choice of Muhammad (SAW) to lead the list of the world’s most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels.”
Goethe, a famous German writer, artist, and politician said about Prophet Muhammad (SAW), “We, Europeans, with all our concepts and ideas have not yet attained that which Muhammad (SAW) attained, and no one will ever surpass him. I searched in history for the loftiest example for man to follow, and I found it in the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Thus, the truth must prevail and become supreme, because Muhammad (SAW) succeeded in subjugating the whole world by means of the message of Divine Oneness.”
Many more non-Muslim thinkers, writers, historians, intellectuals who have said wonderful facts about Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which includes Major A Leonard, Lamartine, Pringle Kennedy, J. H. Denison, S.P. Scott, Sir William Muir, Rev. Boswell Smith, Karen Armstrong and so on.
At present we Muslims number some 1000 million in the world but we really count for anything. We have become now a third grade nation; the reason is clear: we have given up that guidance and that way of life which was approved and promulgated by our Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This is why Allah has told us that among all his gifts to mankind there is only one precious and valuable gift that he has sent down Muhammad (SAW) as His Messenger towards humanity.
“Muhammad (SAW) is not the father of any man among you, but he is the Messenger of Allah, and the Seal of the Prophets, and Allah has full knowledge of all things.” (Al-Ahzab 33:40)Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is mercy for mankind, “And We have not sent you forth but as a mercy to mankind.” (Al-Anbiya’ 21:107).
About 1400 years ago, he (SAW) proved himself great as a husband, as a statesman, as a judge, as a saint, as an orator, as a business man, as protector of slaves; in all these roles he was like a hero. He (Saw) was never distant from his people as he (SAW) ate with them, cried with them, and also shared joyous moments with them.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not possess any wealth or power, yet Allah chose him as a pinnacle of human perfection.
Anas ibn Malik (RA) says, “I served the Prophet (SAW) for ten years, I lived with him for ten years and not once did he rebuke me. Not once did the word ‘Uh’ come from his mouth.‘ (Uh’ as we know is the least word to express irritation; it’s not even a word of anger). Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) showed ultimate morals with his companions. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “I have been sent to implement the noble character and morals.”
Ayesha (RA) said, “His character and morals were those of Quran.{And verily, you (O Muhammad (SAW) are on an exalted (standard of) character} (Al-Qalam 68: 4). Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was fair of complexion and altogether was so handsome that Abu Bakr (RA) composed this couplet on him:“As there is no darkness in the moonlit night so is Mustafa, the well-wisher, bright.”Al-Bara (RA) said: “He (SAW) was of medium height, broad-shouldered; his hair went up to his earlobes. I saw him dressed in a red garment and I (assure you) have never seen someone more handsome. At first he used to let his hair loose so as to be in compliance with the people of the Book; but later on he used to part it.”Bara also said: “He (SAW) had the most handsome face and the best character.”
When he was asked: “Was the Messenger’s(SAW) face sword-like?” “No,” he said: “It was moon-like.” But , in another version: he said, “His face was round.”
Rabi Bint Muawwidh (RA) said: “Had you seen him, you would have felt that the sun was shining.”Jabir bin Samurah (RA) said, “I saw him at one full-moon night. I looked at him. He was dressed in a red garment. I compared him with the moon and found that he was better than the moon.”
These days, most of our youth have different role models like film stars, sportspersons, and politicians and so on. But, these role models serve no purpose in uplifting their character. Young boys and girls should make role model and their hero one and only Prophet Muhammad (SAW). When they will make Prophet (SAW) as their role model then they will take their responsibilities with utmost care and will become best human beings. Some of our youth are indulging in different vices like drug addiction and so on. The reason is that they have given up the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The youth should wake up and follow the way of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Once they will do this , success will kiss their forehead. Inshallah!

The author is a Law Graduate. He also holds a Masters in Political Science along with B.Ed. and presently teaches at the Iqbal Memorial Educational Institute, Drussu Pulwama. He can be reached at: raashidulnabikhan.dawah@gmail.com