On the Special and Auspicious Day of Eid Milad u Nabi

On the Special and Auspicious Day of Eid Milad u Nabi
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DR. Andleeb Hamdani

May the magic of Eid Milad u Nabi bring joy, happiness and peace to the entire world. This particular divine occasion is celebrated on the 12th of Rabi al Awwa, the third month of the Islamic calendar and on this day, our beloved Prophet (SAW) was born. This auspicious day reminds us of the kindness, mercy, compassion and love of the Prophet (SAW).
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) belongs to the family of the Quraysh. His (SAW) father, Abdullah ibn e Abdul Muttaleb passed away at a young age; so did the Prophet’s (SAW) mother. He was raised by his uncle. At the age of 40, the Prophet (SAW) received the first revelation of the Quran in a cave called Hira. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last of the prophets. He was instructed by Allah Subahanahu Wa Ta’ala to spread the message of the oneness and unity of Allah. The Prophet’s (SAW) life, perfect as the Holy messenger (SAW) is worthy to be emulated in all dimensions. The virtues that he (SAW) embodied are truth, honesty, compassion, modesty, humility, patience and forgiveness. The Prophet’s (SAW) success, despite huge odds stacked against him, can be gleaned by the success of Islam and the millions of his followers.
The Prophet of Islam (SAW) held women in great esteem and he accorded then self respect, esteem and dignity. Islam not only restored dignity to women but also held them equal in the share of humanity, with both men and women coming from the same father and mother, that is, Hazrat Adam (RA) and Hazrat Hawa(RA). The Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW) commanded the followers of Islam to respect women’s rights and honour their individuality. According to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), “the best among you is the one who is best towards women”.
On this auspicious and special day, let the whole world be blessed with joy, happiness and peace.