Bullet pierces minor girl’s abdomen

Bullet pierces minor girl’s abdomen
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Four injured by pellets in eye operated on at SMHS

Srinagar: The Casualty ward of SMHS Hospital witnessed frenzied scenes on Tuesday when a minor girl from Shopian district was brought with severe bullet injury to her abdomen.
16-year-old Simran Jan of Kuthpora Shopian was operated on immediately as the bullet had pierced her abdomen and internal organs, doctors at SMHS said.
“We removed her gallbladder to save her life because it had burst from the bullet impact. Other organs including liver had also been affected. We have fixed the damage and perforations but her condition continues to be critical. The government forces probably fired at her from point-blank range,” an on-duty doctor at SMHS said.
Family members and people accompanying Simran, a Class 10 student, raised slogans while she was ferried on a stretcher at the hospital’s Emergency ward, her clothes soaked in blood.
Simran’s family told Kashmir Reader that government forces fired at people indiscriminately and left them unattended at Kuthpora village.
“They targeted civilians while returning from the encounter site in Nadigam village. Simran was outside her house when she was hit by their bullet,” her mother, Afroza, said.
She said Simran was found unconscious and lying in a pool of blood by some local youths. They shifted her to the district hospital in a critical condition, from where she was referred to Srinagar.
Simran had recently entered Class 10 after passing Class 9 exams with good marks, her mother said.
“The whole family is in shock and distress due to her condition,” Afroza said.
Doctors who treated Simran said that many of her vital organs, especially liver, had been badly affected as the bullet had entered her body with a 1×1 sq cm entry wound.
“Her condition is very bad as the bullet has pierced the vital organs. Though we have stabilised her and plugged the entry wound, we are apprehensive that the injuries may complicate the situation later,” a resident doctor said, on condition of anonymity.
As per the Casualty Medical Officer, Simran will likely need long-term therapy. “Currently she is out of danger but she might need long-term treatment for repair of vital organs,” the officer told Kashmir Reader.
According to doctors, SMHS hospital received six injured persons on Tuesday, including four youths hit by pellets and another female who had bullet injury to her leg.
Doctors said that the four pellet victims had been hit by pellets in one eye and were operated on immediately.