Reciprocal Obligations Fall on Doctors Who Are Treated as the Crème De La Crème of Society

Reciprocal Obligations Fall on Doctors Who Are Treated as the Crème De La Crème of Society
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By Mushtaq Hurra

Doctors in every society are held in high reverence and esteem. Their selfless and untiring services have won them huge respect and admiration. Doctors are considered angelic and there is no service parallel to theirs even though teaching is considered to be the mother of all the services but medicine is undoubtedly above all.
I believe that the cream of every society wishes to enter this particular profession for its unique and unprecedented status among all the professions. Our valley is no exception to it. There is a craze and a passion in our young people for medicine and it is still the first choice of every student of our valley. Even parents try their best to persuade their wards to opt this career. Many parents force their children to study medicine for its great future prospects and the dignity doctors enjoy. Though many new career options have become very popular but medicine is still the first choice of every student. Our young people still consider it a dream coming true if they manage to get admission in any prestigious medical institution.
The world has produced many legendary medicos who will be remembered for their expertise and dedication. From Hippocrates to Abu Ali Sina, human history is witness to the fact that doctors have been doing a great service to the mankind which can’t be ignored or neglected. Had there been no doctors in the world, the world would have been very dull and diseased.
Our own valley has the distinction to have produced some world class and renowned doctors. We acknowledge the hard work they put to earn a seat in medical institutions. They burnt their midnight oil and sacrifice their aspirations for a greater cause. Besides their hard toiling efforts, they are blessed with a high quality calibre and mettle.
However, there is also the other side of the coin. The fact is that this other side is very ugly and bleak. Last many years have witnessed a decline in these virtually noble services. The gap is widening between the patient and the doctor, and this sacred relationship has begun to deteriorate. Bankruptcy and corruption has sneaked into this sacred profession. Many medicos have turned brokers of pharmaceutical companies to earn hefty bucks, perks and privileges from them. The Hippocratic oath stands torn with many doctors turning to illegitimate means of earnings.
The drug mafia is growing at an alarming rate in our state. Spurious and substandard drugs have halted the progress of our health sector. And, ironically, many doctors are the culprits who prescribe these spurious drugs for a few perks. Here, it is not only the illegitimate and bankrupt behavior of doctors but it is the breach of a sacred and strong trust which bind a patient and a doctor a few pennies?
This is not the end of the story. Doctors are supposed to be patient listeners and sweet speakers but doctors are no more gentle and virtuous now albeit exceptions exist. Many doctors taunt and reprimand patients for speaking their plight. Patient-doctor scuffles are growing and the latter is not held in the same reverence, it used to enjoy earlier.
Negligence in patient care is another snag which has consumed many precious lives. Though most of our doctors are dedicated but the menace is growing. Criminal cases stand registered against many doctors for their alleged negligence in patient care
Morals and ethics are considered to be the backbone of a profession and professionals. Moral uprightness is very essential for a doctor to deliver the things in a desired way.
Mal-administration in our hospitals particularly in our tertiary care hospitals, is sure to hit the standards of our health sector. We need honest and God fearing people to head these institutions for a better service to our poor masses who cannot not afford expensive private Medicare services.
Let us hope that those who have managed to enter this noble profession without possessing the required qualities, are identified and shown exit, to make this profession the noblest as it used to be. I am glad to see the scandalous and ignoble Mushtaq Peer behind the bars and his disciples out from our sacred medical college. I pray that our state and national level public service commissions are headed by honest people so that only best among the best are chosen for the sacred duty.
I wish all the good luck, good health and best wishes to our dedicated and honest doctors .You people are the crown of our society, and we don’t treat you lesser than angels.

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