It is the Duty of Parents and Society to Inculcate Moral Values in Our Young

It is the Duty of Parents and Society to Inculcate Moral Values in Our Young
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Mufti Jameel Farooq

An expert who had come for a guest lecture at a conference on ‘Imparting Moral Education among Students ’ was asked, “How shall we impart moral education among the students?” The professor, as well as the expert, replied while quoting the example of a ‘leaf’, which was strange. The professor added, “if a teacher is competent enough to impart among the students the importance of a leaf at a very tender age then I assure you those students throughout their entire life will never pluck a leaf from any plant or a tree.”
Since we live in an epoch which is known as a technological and digitalized era, the prosaic reality is that everything stands before us just a click behind, be that morality or pornography. The question that arises here is: how can we filter between the two when an age demands what morality is against. The answer is not far from us since we have a rich moral history and our glen used be named as ‘Peeri Vaer’ but for some decades we have gone out of the track and if we are seeing what we saw few days back on social media about a boy who fornicates with a girl, is the result of derailing from the past.
In this digitalized age , how can we restrain ourselves from these filthy things; the answer might lie in ascertaining the actions and the activities of our kids but prior to this parents must look at themselves as it is a Kashmiri proverb,” Kokar tachan puoo thaichan( ‘chickens imitate the hen’)” ; same is the case with the kids, they too imitate their elders and follow their footsteps.
I’m of the opinion that no parent would like to see his son/ daughter as a liar; so for that parents must first peep into their cloak whether they do act upon what they demand from their children. If they do not do this, then they must started acting upon that before they start preaching or giving sermons as Al-Quran bears testimony that we must not teach(or say) what we don’t follow or act upon. Second thing is our elders needs to be morally sound in every respect so that the new generation would imitate them and start becoming their carbon copy; they should turn as exemplary figures and ideals for their off springs, then their off springs will turn jittery before thinking to derail for the right track, and furthermore, parents must keep a sound vigil on their children and keep watch on their actions as well as their cellphones.
They must keep their kids busy and they should spare an hour in the evening in which they can sit together and impart the values to their kids while reading the translation of Al-Quran and Ah-Hadith by which they can understand the values by and by and hence will act upon that later which thus will act as a filter to sieve between right and wrong; moreover the first and foremost is that the priority must be given to our religion and parents before pondering of sending their kids to crèche should contemplate and send their kids to ‘Darasgahs’ where from they would learn morality at the very tender age which then will remain with them throughout their life since what a person learns at the timid age remains with him actively throughout his life.
Society too should play an active part to monitor the actions and deeds of the kids who reside in their locality; it should own t kids and must have concern for them if we want the lost morality back; as it an English proverb ‘one rotten apple spoils the cart’, monitoring the children of our locality will end up saving our own kids from becoming amoral, apart from that we ought to understand morality won’t come within a day, we must be ready and be prepared that it will take time as, “ Rome was not built in a day” . We must not feel dejected; instead, we should be consistent and committed towards our duty and then the day will not be too far when we will see a fully changed society and committed devotees who would render service to the society at. In addition to that we should also admit that there is a chunk of people in every society whose duty is to criticize, no matter how good the work we do but still they will criticize and we should not be desolate; we must keep doing good for the sake of humanity and expect the reward from the sovereign Supremacy.

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