People aghast over unscheduled power cuts

People aghast over unscheduled power cuts
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SRINAGAR: People are aghast over the unscheduled power cuts saying the power development department (PDD) has made their lives “miserable”. They say with the arrival of winters, the frequent power cuts have added to their woes.
“Due to frequent power cuts, we suffer a lot especially my aunt who is on oxygen concentrator which runs on electricity,” said Eyman Jan, a resident of Bemina, Srinagar.
She said due to sudden power cuts, the machine stops and needs to be restarted. “This creates problems for us as the inverter’s battery drains fast due to insufficient electricity,” she said.
Every year the PDD issues a power cut schedule but never follows it, said Farooq Ahmad, a resident of Soura, Srinagar, adding that the schedule remains just on paper.
“It is just the beginning. The harsh winter is yet to come and electricity has already vanished in Valley. There is a shortage of firewood in market with most of the people having shunned the traditional means and switched over to modern means of heating, for which the electricity is precondition” Farooq added.
Mehraj-Ud-Din Bhat, a resident of Qamarwari, told Kashmir Reader that the electricity doesn’t continue for more than an hour.
“The PDD is making us do squats. From 6 pm to 10 pm, one has to keep just getting up and sitting down to turn the portable light on and off,” Bhat said in a satirical tone.
The complaints regarding unscheduled power cuts were also received from Pulwama, Kulgam, Baramulla and Kupwara where people say that students are the worst sufferers.
PDD, as per its schedule, is supposed to cut power for five hours in metered areas and for eight hours in unmetered areas.
As per a PDD official, the department has agreed to provide 825 megawatts to people in whole Kashmir but currently 1371 megawatts are being consumed here which is more than 500 megawatts more than the actual consumption.