To Bring About the Needed Moral Transformation, Teachers Must Impart Value Education

To Bring About the Needed Moral Transformation, Teachers Must Impart Value Education
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Dr. Showkeen Bilal Gull & Suhail Salam Bhat

Education is necessarily a process of inculcating values to equip learners lead a life that defined by morals and ethics. But, in the present societal market, education has become a business enterprise. It has changed the outlook of the students as well as parents and has further resulted in deterioration of respect for teachers and all those who are a part and parcel of education systems.
The value crisis in contemporary society is casting its evil shadow in all corners of our life. Our society is witnessing the problem of value crisis. Man has become so narrower, materialistic, bewildered, frustrated and confused that he does not know the art of living with another. Everywhere there is a feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness. The poet T.S Eliot has called this world a” waste land “where man is spiritually dead in the midst of unparallel material progress and miraculous scientific achievements. The moral and spiritual foundations on which we structure our education system alone can mould the personality of the child and future destiny of our society. Inculcation of values in children a sense of humanism, a deep concern for the well being of others and the nation can be accomplished only when we instill in the children a deep feeling of commitment of values that would bring back the people pride in work that brings order, and assured progress.
Values are among the most precious gifts which a person can experience and learn. Schools should take the development of individual values as seriously as syllabus (we cannot have one without the other). A teacher can convey the importance of values to his students to live a peaceful life and to aspire for better things in future. A teacher must guide students to inculcate in them concepts of universal brotherhood and to achieve the absolute values of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Such teachers can bring behavioral changes in the learners and will promote peace of life to preserve our culture and heritage and promote peace and harmony in individuals and society.
In the contemporary society teachers role is challenging to bring about a condition of axiological stability in the social network(s). Teachers’ role as information transmitters is marginalized, in the contemporary context; this must be reversed and teachers must become transmitters of values to develop good human beings in all areas.

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