On Road Traffic Accidents and World Day of Remembrance

On Road Traffic Accidents and World Day of Remembrance
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Azad Ahmad Wani

Death keeps no calendar and every soul shall have the taste of death sooner or later. We have heard from every human creature; Oh! My creator protects us from the sudden accidents but these happen. In the contemporary times road, traffic accidents have a major share in deaths. Without happening, road traffic accidents [RTAs] not a single day passes in which number of people are killed or disabled. In this way it has become a major concern of our times.
Horrible situations arise when the entire families lose their lives out in these road accidents. In the recent past, road traffic accidents (RTAs) have emerged as a main public health issue which needs a multi-disciplinary approach to tackle the issue rationally. Otherwise, the present trend in RTA injuries and fatality is becoming alarming throughout the globe.
While, road accidents are sudden, unexpected, aggressive and shocking events and their impacts are long-lasting, often permanent and unending. From every nook and corner of the world countless injured and bereaved people are added each year to the millions who already suffer. The main suffers are obviously families and parents who remain in the state of grief, misery and distress because this adds extra burden to the family heads.
Nevertheless, a lot of crashes could be prevented, but this needs concern of governments and society’s adequate, sympathetic, and appropriate response at each level. To remember the many millions killed and injured on the roads globally, every year “third Sunday of November” is commemorated to “Road Traffic Victims” together with their families, friends and many others who are also affected. At the same time it is also a day of “World Day of Remembrance” (WDR) for road traffic accident victims.
. This day has become an essential means for those who work to stop or prevent crashes or respond to the aftermath, and to present the opportunity to display the massive level and impact of road deaths and injuries and the urgent need for action.
There is no doubt that road transport is the leading means of transport, both in terms of traffic share and in terms of contribution to the national economy. However, road traffic injuries are one of the leading causes of death, disabilities and hospitalization. The length of road network has increased over the years but not at same proportional to number of vehicles. There is an assessment by many federations that says at least 90% of accidents can be reduced if everybody took the necessary steps to avoid these mishaps.
The companies which are related to the transport industry directly or indirectly can help a lot to reduce the percentage. When they count the features of a product in advertisements like mileage, engine qualities, speed and so on, they can also share the message of usage of helmets, seat belts, slow driving. But parents and the responsible citizens of the society can play a role to overcome this disaster. Parent gifts a motor-cycle of Rs 60000 or above to their children, but a helmet which not costs more than Rs 600 becomes a burden for them. Do we not need to ponder on such decisions of ours through which our loved ones get killed by our own half rational decisions?
If road users follow all the rules and have adequate awareness also, accidents would happen. However, as rational human beings, naturally we make some mistakes in some or the other part of our time. So, we could say that we may not know when and how would an accident happens; it is then better to be prepared and help other to save their lives too.
In terms of Kashmir, we are losing many young ones in accidents. We, as responsible members of society, then need to come out from our comfort zones and play responsible roles. That is the only way we can save our lives for the greater good of the society. Hope we will!

The author is a Research Scholar (Economics) at the Aligarh Muslim University. He can be reached at: waniazad555@gmail.com