Former VC Wakf Board pays obeisance at Ahame sharief shrine in Bandipora

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SRINAGAR: Ahead of Eid-I-Milad-in-Nabi (SAW), former Vice-Chairman and sitting member Muslim Wakf Board Nizamuddin Bhat on Saturday paid obeisance at Ahamesharief Ziarat and prayed for peace and welfare of Muslim Ummah.
“The Holy occasion offers an annual opportunity to rejuvenate our faith and reiterate our commitment to serve the cause of Islam for our own good and that of the humanity in general,” Bhat said in a statement issued here.
Bhat said Muslims all over world are passing through a critical phase and Eid Milad (SAW) this time demands self-appraisal and serious thinking for a correction course.
He appealed community leaders, imams, ulemas and thinkers to put their heads together to lead the Muslims out of present morass.
Bhat appealed Governor administration to take every possible step for devotees befitting their faith and sanctity of the occasion.
He hoped that alley will not witness power cuts, shortage of water, fire wood at mosques and Hamams and that of essential commodities.
All shrines which witness congregations should have arrangements in place to facilitate Milad celebrations and offering of Nimaz and obeisance, Bhat said.
He asked Wakf Board to take special care commensurate to its responsibility and available resource and contribute as a leading Muslim institution.
He sought help from all concerned to make the occasion a real opportunity to exhibit the real spirit that calls attention and respect.