Democracy and suppression cannot go hand in hand: Malik

Democracy and suppression cannot go hand in hand: Malik
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SRINAGAR: Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JLKF) Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday said the people are being subjected to such “oppression” which can only be termed as “worst dictatorship in the name of democracy”.
In a statement, Malik said “innocent killings, oppression and suppression, spree of arrests and other acts of tyranny have turned Kashmir into a worst hell”.
“On one hand, Indian rulers and their Kashmiri stooges claim and propagate democracy, and on the other hand are suppressing people’s voices through military and police might which is continuing unabated,” he said. “The claims of democracy and continuous tyranny and oppression against unarmed civilians and peaceful political resistance can never go side by side.”
JKLF chairman said Jammu Kashmir is run by police might and killing innocent humans, arresting peaceful political activists and leaders has become a normal here.
“Killings, arrests, lootings and shootings cannot put a nation into submission which has resolved to fight for its freedom and dignity. Indian rulers must realise that people of Jammu Kashmir cannot be put into submission by these tyrannical acts and killings. In fact our resolve to achieve freedom and right to self-determination gets strengthen by this oppression,” Malik said.
He said Kashmiris are facing worst apathy in outside state jails and that India being a signatory to the Geneva Convention on prisoners was supposed to adhere to the international law but contrary to this, New Delhi is employing every oppressive means to inflict more and more harm to these inmates and suppressing them ruthlessly.
It is the obligation of the international community, human rights organisations, civil society, International Red Cross and others to intervene in this regard to safeguard the rights of these prisoners of conscience.