12 ReTs posted Resource Persons in Shopian, seniors aghast

12 ReTs posted Resource Persons in Shopian, seniors aghast
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SHOPIAN: Twelve Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) teachers have been posted as Resource Persons in three education zones of Shopain creating resentment among other teachers who question the rationale behind appointing “lesser qualified” teachers as resource persons.
The 12 ReTs are among the 16 resource persons in the district, four of whom are general line teachers.
The Resource Persons are reserve subject specialist teachers in education zones, who are sent to schools where teachers face problems with any chapter or subject.
Insiders in the Education department said an ReT teacher cannot be transferred from the school he has been appointed in.
But in Keegam education zone among six zonal resource persons (ZRPs) four are ReT while two are general line. In Vehil zone among four ZRPs are ReT and one general line. And in Shopian education zone among five, four are ReTs.
Teachers from the district are questioning how a ReT teacher can be appointed as special subject teacher or Resource Person, when has been appointed on lower parameters compared to the general line teachers.
“They selected all ReT and SSA (Sarva Shikhsha Abhiyan) teachers for the posts of resource persons and how come it’s possible for the said category of teachers to guide the teachers who have more qualification and was selected on tougher examinations held by service selection board,” a teacher from the district asked, while suggesting that Master grade teachers should be appointed as Resource Persons.
Another group of teachers alleged that the said ReTs have been selected “on political support” or “connections with higher authorities”.
“They are putting the careers of students in jeopardy. When they have to choose teachers as resources persons why not those who have Masters grade,” a teacher said.
“The job of ReT and SSA teachers was to teach the students in their own schools. Their owns schools are shut due to their untoward attention towards duty and how come they can be special with a 12th standard qualifications while as general line teachers are Masters in particular subject, even some are MPhil and more, “another teacher told Kashmir Reader.
Sources in the Education department said that even the District Resource Person (DRP) is a ReT teacher. They said that his own school is functional but he has managed to get posted as DRP.
“It is not about a hurt ego, but the policy of Education department looks faulty. Tell me how they can be special subject teachers without any such qualification and when they were not selected on any such parameter,” rued another teacher.
Teachers at several schools in the district also alleged harassment at the hands of resources persons.
“They say they have been sent by Chief Education Officer and have the power to do this and that,” a teacher said.
Some of the concerned resource persons contacted by this reporter, however, told Kashmir Reader that were “forcibly taken” by authorities, and were not willing to be resource persons.
Chief Education Officer Shopian, Muhammad Sadiq told Kashmir Reader that the resource persons were selected through an interview at district level where Joint Director of School Education was also present.
“There job is to teach students and they were chosen as special subject teachers. They have to deliver lectures where the teachers find any difficulty,” Sadiq said adding that they have no right to indulge themselves in school affairs or harass the staffers.