Snow, rain boost hydropower generation in north Kashmir

Snow, rain boost hydropower generation in north Kashmir
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Baramulla: Thanks to the snow and rain, the state’s own Lower Jhelum Hydroelectric Power Project (LJHP) located at Bimyar village of Uri in north Kashmir is generating an impressive 65 megawatt electricity for the past two weeks.
Official sources said that last year, when it was dry weather and low water level in Jhelum river, the power house was generating 25 to 30 megawatt power in this season.
The increased generation of electricity this year is good news for people across north Kashmir, who will get relief from long power cuts in winter season.
Officials said that with a peak capacity of 105 megawatt, the LJHP power house will generate more than 80 megawatt electricity in the next few weeks, if the water level in Jhelum increases further.
Executive Engineer, Generation, at LJHP, Nazir Ahmad Wani, told Kashmir Reader, “Last year it was dry season and we could not generate more than 30 megawatt power. However, this year we are generating 65 megawatt electricity and I think we will cross 80 megawatt in the next few days.”
He said that of the three turbines with capacity of 35 megawatt each, two turbines are working at this time and if the water level increases in Jhelum, the third turbine can also be started.
Official sources said that not only LJHP, the Kishan Ganga power house in Bandipora district will also generate plenty of electricity this year.
However, people in north Kashmir who get electricity from these power projects said that though power supply was better this year, they still face acute shortage of electricity and there have been unscheduled power cuts for the past one month across north Kashmir.