SMC yet to provide winter gears to sanitation workers

SMC yet to provide winter gears to sanitation workers
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Sweepers suffer in cold mornings on work

Srinagar: Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) is yet to provide winter gears to sanitation workers who have to battle the cold mornings on work.
The sweepers in the department said it was very difficult to perform duties in the cold with winter gears. They said the corporation was not providing them any winter gear like warm clothes, mask, gloves and shoes.
“It is a problem for us as we have to perform our duty in early in the morning, we need warm hand gloves, shoes, mask, and a warm apron so that we can do our work without any hurdle,” a group of sanitation workers from Srinagar said.
“We approached our supervisors many time but what can they do as they don’t have any authority,” they said.
The workers alleged that they are neglected by the department.
“Every time we are neglected by our department, we too need respect in our department, and no one can afford to buy these things from their pocket,” a worker said.
The workers added that they have to perform their duties in all weathers, sunshine or cold, rain or snow.
“We have to take care of Srinagar city but department is not taking care of their employees.”
Commissioner SMC, Peerzadah Hafeezullah, told Kashmir Reader that they have given order to the Handloom department for uniforms.
“And we have to purchase shoes and gloves for them, once we receive all these things we will provide to the employees,” Hafeezullah said.
He said that tendering work consumes lots of time leading to the delay.
“Once we receive the stock, the workers can come and take full uniform set from the office,” he said.