Relationship with teachers biggest factor in student development: Survey

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New Delhi: At least 90 per cent parents believe student-teacher relationship is the biggest factor that affects student motivation and development, according to a new survey. The survey in which 500 parents were interviewed over a period of six months pointed out parents believe that students grasp concepts fast in presence of a teacher.
According to the survey by ed-tech start up Cuemath, 90 per cent parents give weightage to one-on-one interactions between students and teachers as an essential component of their children’s education.
“A major reason for the sustenance of this mode of thought, parents declared, was the knowledge that children naturally learn from one another while solving problems and working collaboratively within a shared space,” the survey report said. It added that face-time with a teacher provide greater validation and encouragement than a pre-recorded video. The survey also revealed that the student-teacher relationship is considered amongst the biggest factors that affect student’s motivation and development.