On the Power and Potency of Allama Iqbal’s Pen

On the Power and Potency of Allama Iqbal’s Pen
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Meer Abass

The beautiful land of the Sub-Continent has been a centre of knowledge and wisdom since times immemorial. It has given birth to many versatile religious scholars, leaders, philosophers, writers, poets. The history of the Sub-Continent always repeats itself by leaving a brilliant and undeniable influence on its readers. The gold-like dust of this pious land created numberless heroes who always stood like a rock against false (evil) and fight for the right. Among those lions; the name of the poet of the East, a dreamer; well-wisher of the Muslim Ummah and great Muslim philosopher, Allama Muhammad Iqbal is writ large on the hearts and minds of the people.
The life and work of Iqbal enjoy an immortal status. He , up to the brim, satisfies the famous saying, “Man is mortal but his good deeds make him immortal.” Iqbal is among few of those whom even death cannot kill. However, the great man, genius and poet philosopher, was not only a poet but also he was( and continues to be) a source of inspiration and motivation of thousands.
Besides being one of the most quotable poets, Iqbal stands like a leader for the youth and to the slaves, his writing works as a stroke to unleash the chains of slavery.
Iqbal’s contribution to literature beggars no description. His name itself creates a creative image in the minds of literature lovers. He , with the help of his rich philosophy and high aspirations , reformed and inspired the young. Allama Iqbal is among the few of those who have touched the summit of art and beauty of expression. He amazingly qualifies the level of sublimity in both the context and expression. The great man’s command over Urdu and Persian speaks of his continuous research and enthusiasm for learning. His writing style is full of literary devices. The reader finds his pen very graceful, great, good and interesting. His style is usually found complex, aphoristic, witty and pithy to have a concrete message for humankind.
The philosophy of Allama Iqbal is quite touching and effective to have a merit of reformation and self-assessment. “Khudi (selfhood)” has been the central idea of his writing. Moreover, his poetry has flourished many souls and influenced uncountable hearts to be revolutionized. His words, every time, burn the fire of high aspirations in youth particularly. To Iqbal, the youth is “Shaheen” and “Uqab” His philosophy is however not to write just metrical language but very much like Alfred Tennyson’s, to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.
Iqbal also proved himself to be a true and loyal Muslim. He served his religion ideally. He used his pen as a sword and fought (did Jihaad) with the help of his pen against the disbelievers in order to protect the belief of “The Finality of Prophethood” (Khatm-e- Nabuwwat). Allama Iqbal had a great treasure of knowledge and deep understanding of Islamic beliefs. The gist of his devotion to Islam can be got from his poems which he has written as the replies to Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani:
In addition, “Bang-e-Dara” “Zarb-e-Kaleem” “Armagan-e-Hijaz” “Bal-e-Jibreel” and above all, “Shikwa Jawab-e-Shikwa” are the universally acknowledged books of Allama Iqbal. His dedication to poetry can be observed while going through these books. His, a few but comprehensive books have added a lot to literature. However, there will be no exaggeration to say that Iqbal is the one whom even language and art are proud of.
It demands ages to describe the role of Iqbal in the play of life. What he has served, a life is not sufficient. As a poet, motivator, moralist, scholar, philosopher and a leader, Iqbal has no comparison among his contemporaries. He was a specially blessed and God-gifted man to have all the answers to most of the questions.
After all, it is time to to be awaken O ye Iqbal’s Shaheens! Let us continue Iqbal’s mission, follow his instruction and flourish his philosophy. Indeed, the most important thing, we can give him in return, is to follow and carry forward his priceless words and advice(s)

The author is a lecturer of English. He can be reached at: meerabas32@gmail.com