Exam impersonation exposed in Shopian school

Exam impersonation exposed in Shopian school
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UG student allegedly wrote five papers for Class 10 candidate

SHOPIAN: An impersonation case came to light on Wednesday wherein an undergraduate student allegedly sat for five papers for a Class 10 student in an examination centre in the South Kashmir’s Shopian district. The case was exposed during the Social Studies paper on November 14, which was the last day of the exams.
The incident took place at Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Shopian, and the student whose exams the undergraduate sat for was identified by the authorities as Imran Nazir Dar, a student of Shopian’s Mohammadiya Institute.
Officials from the Education Department told Kashmir Reader that the student was enrolled under examination roll number 7127281 for the Class 10 Board exams.
The case surprised many teachers and lectures, amongst whom many told Kashmir Reader that it was an inside job and that the staff deputed there were very aware of the fact that someone else was writing Imran’s papers.
A lecturer who wished not to be named told Kashmir Reader that the impersonator had written four of Imran’s papers with the consent of on-duty staffers.
“He was not caught even in the fifth paper, when Director Education was on a visit to the examination centre. The person who was writing on behalf of Imran was given a safe passage by the staffers on duty.”
Trusted sources from the Education Department told Kashmir Reader that instead of catching the undergraduate student for writing exams in place of a matric student and handing him to the police, the staffers helped him to flee from the centre.
A group of teachers told Kashmir Reader that the issue was even brought to the notice of the Joint Director, School Education, by parents of other students and teachers.
Blaming “some greedy staffers” for “defaming the whole department”, they demanded strict action against the teachers involved.
“One case got caught, but there may be many. Once there would be action against one, then others would not dare to do this,” said a teacher who was himself on examination duty in one of the Shopian schools.
Other students who wrote their Class 10 exams said that they are apprehensive that those who sent other persons to write their exams would get higher grades while their hard work would go to waste.
“We did hard work to prepare for the exams and then we hear that in Shopian examination centre other people can come to write exams. It is completely against law and ethics,” Basit Ahmad, one of the students, said.
Students also alleged that the answer book of the said student was later changed so that he would not be caught and that the same person had sat in other four papers as well.
Chief Education Officer, Shopian, Muhammad Sadiq told Kashmir Reader that they will write to Board of School Education about the case and that action will be taken against the persons involved in the impersonation.
“The superintendent of the said examination centre didn’t inform me; I was informed by some other employee. I called him to my office. Director of School Education was here on the 14th, and I was busy with him,” he said.
“If I was informed, then I would have stopped the paper of the said person who sent another person for writing exams. Now we will take up the issue with the BOSE and we will check if the same person has written the other four papers as well,” he told Kashmir Reader while assuring strict action against anyone found guilty by the department.
“I was informed that the student had not written anything on the paper in Social Studies for which he fled from the centre,” he added.
Joint Director, School Education, Nisar Ahmad told Kashmir Reader that nobody brought this issue in his notice. “I will check the facts regarding the issue tomorrow,” he said.