On the Sad Plight of Holders of BSc in Medical Technology(MT)

On the Sad Plight of Holders of BSc in Medical Technology(MT)
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Touseef Ahmad Malik

In the contemporary world, we are witnessing a number of students, who are pursuing their course in the Medical Science and its allied fields like BSc Radiology, B.Sc MLT, B.Sc OT and, the course pivotal , in almost all the departments of medical Science , be it cardiology, neurology or the other important fields like Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Pulmonary Medicine, Neonatology is (Bachelors in Medical Technology) which is the least known to people. Since all other paramedical degree courses have specialization in their respective clinical fields but it is only the Bachelors of Medical Technology in which the students pursue a sound knowledge in the other Departments besides the already mentioned fields of the medical science: Radiology, Radiotherapy, or other domains.
This degree course is only offered by the prestigious institute (not only in the state of J&K but a leading institute of north India, SKIMS, Soura, Srinagar), only when they felt a dire need of technical staff to overcome the technical deficiencies of this already overburdened institute. The SKIMS has been offering this degree course only since a decade thereby producing a number of medical technology graduates every year but unfortunately only the recruitment board of this parent institute finds them eligible to get recruited as technicians. The government of Jammu and Kashmir, the Health and Medical Education Department and the Directorate of Health Services, Kashmir has yet to pay heed and attention to such degree holders.
I would not draw the attention of the readers to get acquainted about the duration and other aspects of this degree course. Initially, the admission authority was held by the Board of Professional Entrance Examination but since the last five years, the admission authority is controlled by SKIMS itself. The students get recruited in different courses like BSc MT through a proper entrance examination like other Para Medical Degree Courses. It is a three year degree course during which we represent ourselves in different labs and also attend theory classes. Here, I would like to elaborate our clinical fields with duration we spent in each lab:

1. Nephrology———————————— Dialysis (6months)
2. Neurology————————————- NCV, VER, BEAR, EMG (5months)
3. Cardiology————————————- ECG, TMT, Holter, Echo, Pacing lab, Cath Lab (6months)
4. Gastro-enterology————————–Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy& ERCP (5months)
5. Pulmonary Medicine———————–Bronchoscopy, Pleuroscopy, EBUS (4months)
6. Urology —————————————ESWL, Uroflorometry (3months)
7. Neonatology——————————– Ventilator maintenance (3months)

Besides these important clinical fields we also represent ourselves in radiology Labs, radiotherapy ones and so on. in the due course of time , the BSc (Medical Technology )is a compilation of all Technical courses, though abroad or outside the state; these clinical experiences are gained via separate diplomas/degrees like BSc Cardiology, BSc Neurology, BSc Nephrology or it may be diploma course like in Dialyses, ECG and so on. Since MT revolves round all, it has , unfortunately, not attained a specific name. The BSc (MT) degree holders are held eligible for Masters in different fields of Medical Science not only in the SKIMS, Soura but also by India’s reputed Medical Science Institutes like All India Institute of Medical Science, Jamia Milia and so on.
I hope readers might be aware that recently, the Government of India has introduced a PMNDP to establish Dialyses Centres at district hospitals for which non-technical staff members were send to attain the knowledge about the Dialyses and its management in SMHS and SKIMS , Soura for a short span of two months despite having good quality degree holders in stock. The MT degree holders were not ignored only here but government recruited technicians in different labs of medical science where MT degree holders possess a sound hand. While we were ignored, diploma holders were preferred!
I hope that I have brought to the readers’ kind attention of and some higher authorities of Health Department the plight of MT holders. In near future we, the degree holders of MT, should be given an opportunity to get recruited in recently established dialysis centres and should also be eligible for other technical posts .

The author is pursuing BSc in MT at SKIMS, Soura. He can be reached at: towseefahmad38@gmail.com.