Excise dept to provide alternative livelihood to illicit distillers

KATHUA: To find a way to provide alternative livelihood to the families of persons involved in the trade of brewing illicit liquor, an interactive session-cum-awareness programme was held here on Wednesday.
The programme was organised by the Excise and Taxation Department in collaboration with Industries and Social Welfare Department at Government Polytechnic College, Kathua near village Chak Drab Khan, where most of the villagers were involved in the trade of brewing illicit liquor and its sale, an official handout read.
Excise Commissioner, Talat Parvez Rohella during the session informed that the department “is keen on building a relationship with the villagers who are involved in the illicit trade”. “The department will not allow them to debilitate the state’s economy by producing illicit liquor as the department has separate wings to curb the menace,” he informed.
He said that 85 families were found to be involved in brewing illicit liquor in village Chak Drab Khan for which the excise department is deliberating on providing them livelihood so that they could be prevented from getting involved with the ‘illicit’ trade, read the handout.
The excise commissioner further elaborated that skill development, financial help to students, counselling and providing employment opportunities as per their need are few initiatives which the department would start in association with industries and social welfare departments to provide alternative livelihood to the families who were affected by the illicit trade.
Rohella also announced a committee comprising ETO Kathua, representative of excise license holders and DSWO besides other community members who were involved in the trade to further identify the families who were in dire need of assistance due to the ill effects of the trade, the handout added.