Don’t be Afraid of Death. But, Be Prepared

Don’t be Afraid of Death. But, Be Prepared
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Mohammed Hussain Sufi

The headline may have scared or amused readers. But, probe deeper and the meaning will get clearer. Let’s perform a surgery on death today and understand it better, in order to make it little friendlier. The death of person takes place when he or she can no longer breathe, the brain stops functioning and the heart stops pumping blood. All functions of the body including respiration, circulation, and digestion come to a grinding halt. In short, death is the cessation of all biological functions that sustain the living organism. The person is declared dead and his or her involvement in worldly affairs gets ceased immediately.
Death should not scare us the way it does. It snatches a person from our lives to never return; what haunts us later on is that we are not going to see that person again, talk to him or her again till the end of our own time. Death makes us feel devastated. It is an emotional loss for family, friends, fans or followers.
Death is the most common phenomenon which takes place around us every day. On an average 1,56,000 (one lakh fifty six thousand) people die each day. We tend to notice people dying only when any of our friend or relative passes away. Dead can be predicted if it is caused by any disease; it can also be sudden, if it is caused by an accident. In both cases, we must stay prepared. Death is the only permanent and unpredictable thing, which takes place at any point of time and at any place.
We cannot compensate the emotional loss of our family when we die. We can, however, take care of needs of our family members after our death.
If you are an earning hand of your family, you have certain responsibilities towards your wife, children, and parents and, maybe, your siblings too. Instead of musing and pondering about what our family will do after we die, we can plan and secure their future. If we do not plan certain things, we are inviting trouble and hardships for them. In order to protect our family from eventualities of this kind we should prepare beforehand.
To begin with you can keep a record of important papers like sale and purchase agreements of any fixed assets like land, house, building and so on. You must prepare “a will” and distribute property among family members to prevent them from going into any tussle or a lifelong litigation against each other. You can modify the will as and when you feel like. Maintain a diary of your belongings, assets, liabilities, movable assets like car, bike, commercial vehicles and so on.
Securities like shares and debentures, information about jewelry, cash, crypto currency, health insurance policies, vehicle insurance and life insurance policies of your own as well as of our family members. Information about ITR, bank accounts, car loan, home loan, personal loans, information about credit cards, EMI’s, money, which you have lend to anyone, money which you have borrowed from anyone. You should keep all this information in a safe custody of any person you trust or inform him or her as to where to find it, that person can be your life partner or a close friend
This may not compensate pain of your death. However, it will safeguard your family from untold miseries, which may befall when you can no longer help anymore. This may seem like absurd idea to many, but we must give it a second thought before we make our opinion. Births and deaths are in the hands of Allah( Subhanahu wa Ta’ala).May you stay happy, prosperous and blissful!

The Author is an Advocate at the High Court, Jammu and Kashmir. He can be reached at: