Deadline over, digitisation of land records in JK long way off

Deadline over, digitisation of land records in JK long way off
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SRINAGAR: The slow pace of the ambitious digitisation of land records project in J&K continues to keep the residents at the mercy of Revenue officials.
It has been more than a year for Srinagar resident, Daisy, trying to get revenue extracts of her property in old city.
First, the concerned Patwari, who maintains land records, was difficult for her to locate. Once located, the Patwari, kept dillydallying, and failed to provide extracts on the promised dates, several times. Even though, Daisy paid bribe to the official several times, she hasn’t been able to get the work done.
“I wanted to sell my property, and required the revenue extracts for it. I have been after the concerned Patwari for many months, yet I could not get it,” Daisy told Kashmir Reader.
Daisy is one of the numerous citizens who have to suffer at the hands of field Revenue officials for a document which the government claimed would be available at the click of a mouse after digitisation of land records.
However, the government has been going on at a snails pace on the project.
Nearly three years after the digitisation work was outsourced by state government to a private agency, with February 2018 set as the deadline, it is still far away from a milestone.
“The digitised record of land will be all available online. An owner of a property will be assigned a code that after its entry could display any record he/ she wants. But the project is just going in the initial phase, and will take more years,” said an official of a company assigned to carry out the digitisation.
The project is a long way off still in Srinagar and Jammu, the two pilot districts where the work was supposed to be done initially. Nothing can be said about the digitisation of records in Poonch, Ramban, Baramulla, Anantnag, Kargil, Udhampur, Leh, Doda, Bandipora and Rajouri districts.
The official said that the first phase was to get the documents from Patwaris, which have to be scanned and put on a server.
He said that in many areas the patwaris haven’t even compiled the updated land records.
“So we have to follow them to provide it, which is taking time,” he said. “We are also awaiting permission orders from security apparatus to get the places mapped, a mandatory step for viewing the land on internet.”
“We have so far only documented and mapped half of what is required,” he added.
Digitisation is a Government of India initiative under Digital India Land Records Modernization Program (DILRMP) to modernize management of land records, minimize scope of land disputes, enhance transparency in the land records maintenance system and facilitate moving eventually towards guaranteed conclusive titles to immovable properties across the country.
Mutation registers, jamabandis, misal haqiyat, girdawari register records of patwar halqa, tehsil have to be scanned.