On Recruitment Scams and Nepotism in Kashmir: An Open Letter to Governor of J&K

On Recruitment Scams and Nepotism in Kashmir: An Open Letter to Governor of J&K
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Yasir Altaf Zargar

Governor Sahib:
After three years of J&K Bank recruitment, I gained my strength to write this open letter to you. This strength I got had an indirect connection with your recent statement, but you later made that “controversial” which. For many of us who did not know the reality, your statement was an eye-opener: We were astonished to hear such a big revelation from you. The day I wrote this open letter, a news headline informed me that you had made another statement rubbishing recent revelation made by you. You said, “Some news agencies misquoted you”.
My friends were applauding your efforts for speaking out as spoke the truth, but later they were perplexed to read your new statement. That made them consider you one among other helpless people in the line of politicians who have to follow what they are told to do so. Similarly, your helplessness made you speak what you were urged to speak. A great wrong was righted but again wronged by you.
When I first heard your first statement, I made myself watch that interview. I was surprised; you were exposing those who have ruined career of others. Later, your rather different statement baffled me, as you said some people wrongly convinced you about the scams of Jammu and Kashmir Bank. I was appalled to listen to such a dismaying statement from you. I convinced myself that your revelation was an attempt to target the political parties which were in power when that recruitment was conducted.
Anyway, let me back to the main issue. Have you ever felt the pain of those boys and girls who are unemployed and are regularly striking hard to get a seat in one department or another but they end up without getting a single seat. Did you know why? Let me tell you. They are among those sections of the society who neither have any political affiliation nor money to pay to, who are close to people having political influence. These two things eventually work here to get a good Job in any department. They are the ones who are fed up with the process of recruitments prevailing here.
Though you joined recently, you also got aware of backdoor appointments happening here. Those who are close to political parties get a good post in any department while some get honorary posts; some are appointed directly (backdoor appointments).
It is pertinent to mention that we have many highly educated boys and girls in our society who end up getting over-aged but were never able to secure a single job. When I was studying, I use to think that these highly educated-ones are either incapable or incompetent. I used to believe that they are self-claimed intellectuals holding some degrees but lack rationality. They might not have had any career counseling which might have been the reason they failed to acquire a seat in any department. I was wrong, and you know what proved me wrong? The recruitment of J&K Bank! (You know the reason very well.)
Did you know, in Kashmir, PhD scholars apply for class 4th posts? Here Doctors apply for Bank jobs; Engineers work in the accounts department. Here Arts graduates find their careers in Banks and the Finance students somewhere else. It’s not that they are not aware of what they are pursuing; it’s because here ruling parties give benefits to those who either campaign for them or he/she is their worker. The same happened when Jammu and Kashmir Bank advertised its posts.
Despite repeated allegations, they never issued a single statement in this regard. The ruling parties took their benefit, and the poor were dropped from the list. You, yourself confessed that the entire list was of the workers of BJP and PDP. If that is true, tell me just one thing, how they qualified the written exams, if they did not, what about the ones who qualified? Were they dropped? If they qualified the written test, why the marks of the written exam were kept hidden? I think it’s the right of every student, whether qualified or not, to know the marks of their written exam.
My concern is simple: Why people are raising their voice against J&K Bank recruitment. Whenever J&K bank advertises their posts, they remain in the limelight for long. People often say that only those get the job in J&K Bank if they are close to any Political party. In 2012, NC workers were appointed and in 2015, PDP &BJP workers. When in 2012, an enquiry team was set up, shortly after the MBBS scam, J&K Bank appointed all those candidates who failed to qualify interview. Why appoint all those who actually failed? This is the reason People allege J&K Bank for nepotism. They know what had happened all the time when J&K Bank issues advertisement of posts.
Let me tell you the example of one person. This guy is weak in mathematics but he still managed to secure a seat in J&K Bank. I failed to understand how he qualified the math section in written exam.
I re-read your statement again when on another day you said that you were misquoted. You also said some people have misguided you. I am surprised, who has such strength to misguide a Governor? Is it your helplessness or ours? Who should we blame for the recruitment mess, when the supremo of the state says some are misguiding him?
If you were wrongly convinced by some disgruntled people, how you allowed selection of 582 candidates? They were the ones who failed to qualify the interview, why did you allow their appointment then?
I think this is the right time to convey a message to you. I am very much sure that you will read this letter carefully and necessary steps will be taken.

The author is a blogger and Web Security Analyst. He can be reached at zargaryasir@gmail.com