LMD Baramulla imposes Rs 50,000 fine on oil manufacturer, book sellers

LMD Baramulla imposes Rs 50,000 fine on oil manufacturer, book sellers
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Baramulla: Legal Metrology Department (LMD) Baramulla imposed a fine of Rs 25000 on Kamal Deep Brand of edible oil manufacturer and packer for violating the Legal Metrology Laws. It also imposed fine of Rs 15000 on Apple Valley Book Shop selling books of Delhi Public School (DPS) Baramulla and Rs 10000 fine on Sheikh Book World Baramulla selling the books of Sanctorum School Sopore for violation of labeling norms.
Acting on public complaints alleging that the packaged edible oil is being kept intentionally short in weight by some manufacturers and packers, Legal Metrology Officer Baramulla had registered a case against the manufacturer after lifting samples from Chandanwari market of the district.
The samples of the edible oil were required for weight tests carried out by the Legal Metrology Officer Baramulla. During the investigation, it was found that the one litre (corresponding to 910 gram weight at 30°C) edible oil bottles were short by 70 to 90 gm against their declared net quantity on the package. Further, the manufacturer/packer had also violated the labelling norms in the packaged oil.
Following this, Assistant Controller Baramulla imposed a fine of Rs 25000 on the manufacturer for the said offence after taking a written undertaking from the manufacturer that the offence will not be repeated in future and that the deceptive packages will be recalled and repackaged before offering them for sale in market again.
Meanwhile, continuing its drive against the private schools indulging in restrictive trade practice and violation of labelling norms in sale of school level text books, Legal Metrology Department Baramulla has penalized the Apple Valley Book Shop with a fine of Rs 15000 for violating labelling norms in manufacture, packing and sale of stationary packages. The case that was registered by LMO Baramulla against DPS Baramulla and Apple Valley Book Shop was compounded by the Apple Valley Book Shop on Saturday against a compounding fee of Rs 15000. In another such case, Assistant Controller Baramulla imposed a fine of Rs 10000 on Sheikh Book World Baramulla. The school managements and the book sellers have assured the department that they will not indulge in any kind of restrictive trade practice in future.
Private school managements are advised to make their book lists public and keep them available on their school websites where ever possible. Schools must not compel gaurdians of their students to purchase books, stationary or uniforms from a particular vendor. Market competition must be allowed to determine the rates of school books/ uniforms and consumers (gaurdians) must be given their “right to choose” as gauranteed to them under the J&K Consumer Protection Act, 1987.
Some private schools have already made their booklists public in their response and have displayed the same on their school websites thereby nullifying the chances of restrictive trade practice being adopted in sale of text books. Schools have also prescribed uniforms in their brochures that can be purchased from open market which is a welcome move from them.
The gaurdians of students in Baramulla district are advised to register their genuine grievances in this regard with whatever proof they have at the official email ID: aclmbaramulla@gmail.com for timely redress.