Students’ Quest for Marks(manship) will Leave Our Society Intellectually Bankrupt!

Students’ Quest for Marks(manship) will Leave Our Society Intellectually Bankrupt!
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I am a humble student of class 11th. I am going to share my views not against some individual or against any community. What I want to communicate is the angst I feel at the drift of the students of Kashmir and their narrow aspirations. I have come to understand that most of the students these days wish to score highest percentage of marks in every examination. Little do they care about the comprehension of the facts which is indeed the real essence of education, among other things. It is evident and obvious that majority of the students and, in fact, parents crave for only highest marks and percentages.
I am articulating my personal observations and analyses. I want say something about this era. It is the era of such competition in which every individual of our society is running a race to be on the top of the world. Everyone tries to declare and prove themselves as a hero ( or a “sheroe”) when the reality is quite different. I am calling it an era of marksmanship as they are entrapped with this thought only.
Students who think that obtaining of marks in an examination is the only criteria for being intellectual are totally wrong. Topping any exam doesn’t make one intellectually strong and educated.
For me, education is a completely different concept and to pass an exam is different ball game than the former. Exams are just a way of getting the degree. As I am appearing in my exams these days, I never focus on marks but the concepts which are important to me. I never want to be a topper with rote memory and cramming power without understanding the basics. I appear to pass in real sense and not to top because I am in competition with myself only. I remember, when my class 10th result got declared, I saw friends quarreling with each other quibbling over marks they had obtained. If this trend continues and gets more entrenched (I mean Marksmanship), I think we will be an intellectually bankrupt society soon. We might feel elevated with but actually the things would be to the contrary. Alas!

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