Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the Absolutely Perfect who Surpasses All

Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the Absolutely Perfect who Surpasses All
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Revisiting History: A Conversation with Hayat Aamir Hussaini-V

By: Mudasir Al-Majdey

Human knowledge has two sources – sense(s) and reason. Both fall in the domain of the phenomenal world. But, intuition and Revelation that are from the noumenal world. The Prophet(SAW) is connected with both the phenomenal as well as noumenal world. So his position is absolutely different from all the creation(s).
Revelation is word order (amar) of God. It is absolutely noumenal, but in its applicational form through the medium of the Prophet (SAW), it is related to the phenomenal world. As a noumenal process, the entire universe in an active order of God. The phenomenal is a structure bound within the limits of time and space.
The prophet (SAW) in himself is infallible (masum), complete and perfect in knowledge, directly given to him by God as necessitated by his mission and time. His every phase of life is directly under the control of God. He cannot even utter a single word which is not revealed (Quran53-3-4). As a prophet, he is given absolute authority and power by God. In this way he is a real sovereign but the sovereignty is delegated to him by God. He is the torch bearer, the real ruler, the source and interpreter of law.
His actions according to his teachings are binding on humanity. Nobody can deny his word and deed, or challenge it. His actions are either obligatory (fard) or necessary (sunnah) or good leading to further perfection (mustahab).
The prophet (SAW) is the perfect viceregent of God, but “his independent action always reflects the will of his” Lord. The position of prophecy becomes absolutely perfect in the existence of the great prophet Muhammad (SAW). He is the seal of prophets. He is in reality the first principal and purpose and end of creation. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the most exalted in character, and the bearer of the last and complete message of God, and will stand as witness for all the prophets in life hereafter or on the day of Judgment. This meta-historical position of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) is clearly depicted in the event of ascension (Mairaj).It was the travel to the absolute completion and perfection of spiritual and phenomenal existence and mission of the Prophet(SAW). All the prophets were assembled in mosque of Jerusalem, to meet him and pray under his leadership (imama).
The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) surpasses all other Prophets. He is the guide and savior of all humanity and all times, phenomenal and meta-phenomenal, and it is he who will save the humanity on the Day of Judgment. As the creator of the new-order his existence and guidance surpasses all boundaries. He is the existence which is connected to the spiritual domain and controls the phenomenal domain as well.
So, the Prophet’s (SAW) role is absolute as the creator of History. He shapes and reshapes history of all times. He surpasses all the domains, though involved in all. His struggle for the propagation of truth, the establishment of a new world order guiding all times coming ahead, surpasses the struggle of all other prophets.
Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) fight against Satan and satanic forces is unparalleled in history. He was compelled to fight in the war field, but it is the fact that in all these battles no one was killed by his kind and holy hands. He was the epitome of bravery but he never used force for killing, torturing and dehumanizing people. (Not only human beings, he was absolutely kind, merciful and protector of animals, plants and all other creatures). The Prophet (SAW) received wounds on his pure, sublime and fragrant existence but he never injured any person by any means.
The greatest savior of humanity (SAW) expressed his mercy even in most crucial and trying times. He forgave Hinda, the liver-eater of his dearest uncle Amir Hamza. The greatest guide and teacher (SAW) released the prisoners of war on the only condition that they teach the children of Muslims in Madina. It was the age of barbarism and the prisoners enslaved were brutally treated and dehumanized. But the mercy for humanity, the Prophet(SAW) treated them as human beings and facilitated them with all honour and dignity, aroused their dead humanness and from the slumber of venomous slavery and satanic forces, and burned all the roots of slavery.
At every corner he was misbehaved with and harshly treated and wounded by his enemies, but in response he prayed for the betterment of his enemies.
The satanic forces came with every plot to destroy the Prophet’s(SAW) mission, but he always fought them with the weapons of mercy and love. He provided water to them and quenched the thirst of his blood thirsty enemies in the war field of ‘Badr’ who had come to kill him, and forgave all his enemies. (History has not seen a conqueror who forgave all his enemies). It was Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the mercy of the world, who pardoned his enemies when he conquered Mecca where he was harassed for long 13 years. History has never seen such a great conqueror, and will never see anyone like him in the coming times.

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