Losses from snowfall to power sector, forests, poly houses

Losses from snowfall to power sector, forests, poly houses
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SRINAGAR: Kashmir economy is still counting the losses from a day’s snowfall. Apart from orchards, Kashmir’s power department, forests, and floriculture sectors have also suffered losses.
For the power department, the recent snowfall has led to a loss of nearly Rs 10 crore due to damage to power infrastructure in Kashmir Valley, officials said.
Chief Engineer at Electric Maintenance wing of Power Development Department (PPD), Kashmir, Hashmat Qazi told Kashmir Reader that the distribution system has suffered a loss to the tune of Rs 8 crore.
“Receiving stations, transformers etc have suffered losses. We have assessed losses to the tune of Rs 7.8 crore,” he said.
The transmission wing of PDD has also suffered loss of about Rs 2 crore.
“We are gauging the loss at this time, but it will be about Rs 2 crore. Four towers have suffered the main damages,” a top engineer of the transmission wing told Kashmir Reader on the condition of anonymity.
The PDD department has managed the loss through their stock items, and are not awaiting the financial assistance of Rs 5 crore that the government has announced.
“We have managed some of the required infrastructure from our maintained stocks. Let government pump in money, which will help us to meet the requirement,” Qazi said.
An official from the forest department told Kashmir Reader that the department is assessing the damage. However, initial assessment shows that some valuable trees were uprooted, he said.
Similarly, the floriculture department’s poly houses have suffered damage.
“A sizeable number of poly houses have suffered damages. We need government’s financial help to revamp them,” an official said. “The loss estimate will be soon accumulated, and will be presented before the government for help.”
Orchardists have been the main sufferers, though, and the government is likely to announce financial help to them. The losses are another blow to the Kashmir economy after the 2014 floods, which caused losses estimated by the government of Rs 44,000 crore.