How the Desire to Conform and the Herd Mentality is Exploited by Schools

How the Desire to Conform and the Herd Mentality is Exploited by Schools
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In biological sciences we are told that no two individuals are alike, (not even the identical twins). Differences exist at every level, and stage, of human association and this is true about the mental faculty, talents and capabilities of people. The rule, it is reiterated, is no two individuals are identical and no two individuals can have exactly the same performance in an examination or any other affair of life, minute these may be but the differences are bound to be there.
Recently, I visited a school to get the nursery Class results of my son. I got the result with the good news that my son had topped the class by scoring 100% marks. Truly, like any other parent, I felt ecstatic. But, then if we see the overall result of the class my son was not the only student who had scored 100% marks, there were others also in the same class who had achieved the same feat. Same is the story about second and third positions; there also these positions were shared by many students.
So far so good, if the actual results are what they exactly reflect there should be no hesitancy in accepting them and feeling satisfied about the good results and trying to improve if the results are somewhat below par. But, if the results are deliberately inflated or deflated to suit some interests or get profits it is a problem area which needs to be addressed.
One question in this age of higher greed – the age where every possible trick is employed by the people with vested interests to get profits and personal ends fulfilled – that every parent and person should ask is that are the results that the private schools show real, or they are crafted in such a way to get higher charges from the parents. If the latter is the case, it is a cause of worry. In case of unfair means, where results are inflated to show better than the actual performance of the students, is resorted it is a betrayal with the same very students.
There are bound to be differences in the learning of the students; there are bound to be differences in their performances,; there are bound to be the differences the way they conduct in the schools and class rooms and the same is the case with the extracurricular activities. So when, majority of students are shown to have identical results things seem somewhere fishy.
But that is not the actual problem area; it rather is the outcome of an ailment. The actual problem area, and ailment, is where we have become predictable to others. The others know how we are going to act in a particular situation. They know if good news is given to us, we feel ecstatic without giving a thought about whether we deserve that or not. This tendency, I think, is exploited or can be exploited by the others and the private school administrations are no exception.
This is like the mob mentality where our behavior is known in advance by the fact of being the part of the mob. We follow the mob wherever it takes us, we act exactly the same way how we are predicted and we tend to behave as the others do, right or wrong that is not any consideration. Like the mob which damages everything that comes to its way we willingly add to that damage by our behavior of the exactitude to match the others in the mob. Our brains are shut and we are under the influence of the mob mentality while deciding and dealing with the affairs of life.
So , when the results are handed over to us , these are designed to make us happy as against the tendency of actual results which can swing to any side. Here, performance is not the concern but the consideration is profit and publicity which the schools never miss the opportunity to grab. The people and masses blindly believe what is made them to believe. Even those who know about these practices are made to follow the mob willingly or otherwise.
Not only in education but the story is same everywhere. We follow the rest, no matter where the rest are going. If others are heading towards the great fall we are hell bent to follow them. If there are deep gorges in the way that others tread we have no problem in treading the same very path. And, if the outcomes of behaving in a particular way are made evident to us in advance but we keep behaving like that for the reason that others do the same.
In the construction of houses, we want to build a bigger or at least as big a house as the others have. For this purpose , we are ready to go to any extent. We are ready to borrow money for life where we end up repaying more interest than the principal amount. We are ready to sell all our productive property to build unproductive houses major portions of which remain unutilized and unoccupied for life. The real purpose behind building houses to save men from the vagaries of the climate has been lost and now we are just building because others are doing that and we build them so big and that too because the rest are doing so.
In buying the cars the same is the principle, you get it because your neighbor has gotten the one and, if the neighbor gets on bigger and better than one, you sell yours and get the bigger and better than the neighbor. Here again the people can go to any extent to behave this way. So much of hardships do they face to pretend rich and better than the rest but never it is tried to be what we are and act in the manner we should.
You name an area of life and the behavior of the majority is known in advance. In the selection of qualification to election of the leaders we behave the way we behave only because the others are behaving, or have behaved, that particular way. In the conduct of our day to day relations and interactions to the way business is conducted in the government offices and market areas all depends on an accepted and expected behavioral pattern where your action is decided by your colleague and contender.
This attitude must end, the sooner it is better. We should make conscious efforts to give up this tendency. Being part of a mob is no good, it is never good. Being part of the mob harms every member of it eventually, directly or indirectly and wittingly and unwittingly. The same is true about the mob mentality that we have adopted to conduct the affairs of our life.
Better is to be part of an organized congregation where the principle of collective wisdom is used by the people whose minds are actually working, who think and see what is good and what is bad, which is better for all the people and which is best for the individuals. By which act they are getting benefited and what are the acts that harm them. This way, life in our part of the world could be made much easier.

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