Kidmat centers association strike enters third day

Kidmat centers association strike enters third day
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Srinagar: J&K Kidmat Centers association continued its protest against third day at press club Jammu to press for their demands.
State President J&K Khidmat Centres Association Bilal Zargar, said that that their whole project has been sabotaged.
“Official apathy and insensitiveness has mercilessly damaged their careers and the lives of 1300 families is at stake. It was on the promises of the J&K Bank that these Khidmat Centres were set up in 2009 after proper selection and panel interviews. Khidmat Centres have been left in a ruined state and despite their repeated attempts to convince the Bank to make their centres viable, the Bank has adopted an attitude which has jeopardized the careers of these professionals,” he said.
He added that the present chairman of the Bank had some different ‘instincts’ when he was Executive President of the Bank.
“Then he used to say something different and now he seems to have forgotten all what he has assured in the past,” he said.
“A certain lobby in JKB has time and again cheated us, they have ruined our dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs and so with the passage of time we have been reduced to slaves”, association said.
Kidmat center owners said that their repeated follow up yielded no results and they have been compelled to come on roads and to go for an indefinite chain hunger strike across J&K and even decided not to celebrate Diwali.
“Of the many issues raised by the Khidmat Centres the first and foremost demand is to convert the Khidmat Centres into Ultra Small Branches as they have been promised this thing in 2012 which the Bank is now trying to bypass for mysterious reasons. The second demand of these centres is to have a permanent settlement solution. Also the Khidmat Centres have demanded release of their GAP support (financial assistance) from the IT department requesting the Governor’s intervention,” Kidmat center association said, “our financial assistance (as per Govt. Order no. 46 ITD of 2011) has not been released since years for unknown reason,” they said.