Students failed ‘deliberately’ in crucial project at KU’s North Campus

Students failed ‘deliberately’ in crucial project at KU’s North Campus
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Irshad Khan

Srinagar: Students at the Computer Sciences department of Kashmir University’s North Campus at Delina Baramulla are alleging that teachers have put careers of many 8th semester students of B.Tech programme at stake by failing them in the semester-end projects carrying crucial 150 marks.
Twelve of the aggrieved students alleged that many of them had been given a “zero” by the teachers in the viva-voce of the project, which as per them carried 100 marks.
The students were asked to complete the project work in groups of four, they said.
In many groups, while two students have been passed, the rest of the two have been “surprisingly” failed, they alleged.
“How is it possible that two students pass the exam and two others who are in the same group, fail? How is it that their results are different given the students worked on a common project?” asked an aggrieved student.
The teachers, the students alleged, even rejected projects of many students after approving the synopsis of the same projects in their 7th semester.
“The students worked hard on their projects, but the teachers denied having approved the synopsis of the students for the projects in the 7thsemester,” a student said.
While 70 percent weightage for the project was “with the department”, a student alleged “they are giving no reason why they have failed us”.
“Even if I got not a single mark in our externals, we should have been through,” he added.
While the KU guidelines “recommend 25 percent” weightage to the viva-voce of the project, a student alleged that the Department has “manipulated” the break-up by keeping 100 marks to the viva-voce.
As the students who have been failed in the project asked the department for the reason, the student said, “They told us that our viva was not satisfactory, but we have given correct answers to ninety percent questions”.
The students alleged that the department was acting in revenge over a “tiff” between teachers and some students.
“Actually the teachers have a tiff with a couple of students whom they have failed. Now 12 of us are bearing the brunt,” a student said.
Calling it a “non-issue”, Coordinator, Department of Computer Science and Engineering North Campus KU, Prof Haris Qazi told Kashmir Reader that the students had been evaluated “on the basis of individual assessment” though they had been kept in groups of four students each.
Qazi denied that the department had manipulated the KU guidelines over the break-up of marks for the project.