Paralyzed by 2-inch Snow Yet Again!

Paralyzed by 2-inch Snow Yet Again!
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By Nazim M

Snowfall, not unexpected, even though predicted a week ago by the weatherman has once again put Kashmir on a grinding halt. The unprepared, inefficient and ineffectual administration which always boasts of being prepared and geared up, stands exposed once again. A few centimeters of snow brought this part of the world to a complete still. As usual, the news of the Srinagar Jammu highway stands closed, with passengers stranded and then ‘’rescued’’ , the Mughal road closed, flight operations halted at the Srinagar ‘’International Airport” was nothing new to be heard. There is also no sight of electricity since the last 24 hours in Srinagar.
I can only imagine and visualize about other far-off areas. Even before the snowfall had started, there was no electricity supply to be seen and even as I am writing this, there is no sight of the same. I think the beforehand cut must have been done as a precautionary move.
These are the unfortunate events which just repeat themselves every time snowfall starts here, be it 2 feet, 2 inches or 2 centimeters. Hospitals without electricity constitute a new and unexpected addition to the woes. Repeating the same old mistakes, not learning anything from same past events, and then justifying their unpreparedness and inefficiencies have become hallmarks of the administration here.
No sense of accountability is ever seen. It was the only 3rd of November, much prior to the onset of harsh winter and we all witnessed and bore the consequences of the same. Can the administration ever be prepared for such contingencies?

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