On Life in Kashmir

On Life in Kashmir
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Unsurprisingly Every morning when the sun comes out with its rays piercing the earth’s atmosphere and then enters our rooms, we sense that morning has arrived but unlike the mornings in other parts of globe, our mornings bring gloom and doom.
Life in a conflict zone is very different and difficult. From dawn to dusk, you are like a lion roaming freely without any fear but the moment the sun hides behind the lofty mountains and darkness prevails over the valley, the same lion becomes a jackal. Fear not only prevails over an individual but over the whole atmosphere and with the clock beeping at 7 o clock in evening one can see shutters going down and by 7:15 except dogs, for stray nobody dares to roam on the roads unless an emergency beckons..
I was born in the nineties and the armed insurgency had already started; from that day it’s the Kashmiri blood that is flowing side by side with Jhelum. Although, the situation had improved a lot with each passing year but 2008 unrest changed whole scenario in Kashmir, with wide spread protests and killings. The youth of Kashmir stands alienated; the situation remained tense for 3-4 months and before peace could prevail, another uprising started in the year 2010, which was a result of a fake encounter and killing of a teenage student by security forces. It was from the year 2010, Kashmiri youths started picking up guns after they got alienated because of the killings so they thought gun will heal their wounds and from 2010 to 2018 the records kept breaking with each passing year be it in the form of joining or killing.
Every day , Kashmiri blood flows.
In nutshell, the life of a Kashmiri is just a misery and till the solution is not found the people will die and the sufferings won’t come to an end.
I would like to conclude that peace can descend on Kashmir when the governments of India and Pakistan take a step and start a dialogue process; its only talks through which solution can be found. The more time they will take, more will be the killings, more people will become homeless, and a time will come when the people of Kashmir will become extinct and it will only be the piece of land that will remain, with our bodies and blood beneath it.

The author, a student of law at the University of Kashmir can be reached at: owaisbinqadir.law@gmail.com