Cold stress can increase morbidity and mortality in hospitals: DAK

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SRINAGAR: With early snowfall and temperature dipping below freezing point, the patients in Kashmir and Ladakh hospitals are facing huge inconvenience due to lack of proper heating arrangements, said Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Monday.
In a statement, DAK president Dr Suhail Naik said the cold stress can prove fatal and disastrous for newborn babies post operative and stroke patients.
He said the bone-chilling cold in hospitals is making life of patients and attendants miserable and troublesome. “Cold conditions increase mortalities and morbidities in patients. The freezing temperatures can induce hypothermia and death in fragile newborns,” he said.
Dr Suhail said in majority of hospitals, frequent electricity failure causes electric based heating system to collapse for hours together henceforth making the situation terrible for night hours.
Joint Secretary DAK Dr Mohd Ashraf Shah in the statement said that with extreme cold weather, patients, attendants and health staff are shivering with cold as heating systems of hospitals are not yet operational.
“It is callous and insensitive attitude of government that the heating systems at central and rural hospitals have not been started yet and consequently patients are suffering a lot,” he said.
We request the Governor led state administration to make heating systems operational in all hospitals in the interest of patient care, DAK said.