ML condemns ‘ill treatment’ of Kashmiri prisoners

Srinagar: The Muslim League Friday expressed concern over the “deteriorating” health condition of Kashmiri prisoners, alleging “they are being ill-treated and subjected to mental and physical torture”.
“This is a gross violation of national and International laws which compel every country to abide by these rules and regulations to ensure the safety of political prisoner,” the spokesperson Sajad Ayoubi said in a statement.
Ayoubi claimed that the political prisoners are put with ordinary criminals “which is not permissible under law”.
“It is political vendetta that detainees are ill-treated,” he said.
He further said that the under-trial prisoners and the detainees are supposed to be lodged in the nearest jail where they face a trial. “But why are under trial political prisoners being lodged in distant jails,” he asked.
The spokesperson appealed the human rights organizations to take note of these violations.