Can the Heinous Acts of Rape be Stopped?

Can the Heinous Acts of Rape be Stopped?
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As we witness the instances of gruesome treatment of women (especially sexual assaults) , it appears crystal clear that women have been made objects of sexual violence. It is unfortunate that we are more often than not engaged in the debates of moral views, shames and ethical values above all the depravity of rapes in our society than to provide justice to victims. And , this most probably is the reason which halts our progress to cope with the frequency of rapes.
Just a few days before, the bone chilling news of rape incident in Baramulla spread like the wild fire when Abdul Majid Bhat was arrested after his own son Imtiyaz Ahmad lodged a complaint for allegedly raping his own daughter. The statement of the victim and other witnesses was recorded and the girl was sent for a medical examination.
Rape is an abhorrent crime which is forbidden in all religions, laws, systems. All the earthly systems and laws impose strict penalties on it. But ,in the present times it appears that it is a common phenomenon.
And, it has not been a long while when a bone chilling incident of gang rape-cum-murder of minor girl in Uri Baramulla took place in which the victim’s step mother, Fahmeeda, hatched a conspiracy to eliminate her so that she could get more affection from her husband. The crime was so horrific that it jolted the whole valley.
In another incident, in Kreeri Baramulla, a Government teacher was arrested for allegedly raping a 17-year old girl. But, what is more shocking is the fact that a group of people tried to solve the case by providing some amount to the victim. Similarly, in the Hajibal area of district Baramulla another horrific rape took place which didn’t receive much attention even though a minor and mentally impaired girl of 15 years old was allegedly raped on the 21ist of June in the upper reaches of the village by one accused (Name upheld) of the same village. The accused according to the reports is a two time rapist and was just released before two months. As the girl went to her orchards, the accused forcefully took hold of the girl and when she started screaming her cousin brother who was working in the nearby field came running to save her but the accused flew from the spot not before the girl was assaulted sexually.
Once again to our surprise, the village committee tried to solve the case by providing some amount of money in exchange which the victim’s family refused. Of course, one cannot forget the most heinous incident of rape of in Kathua, which triggered outrage across the world.
Such inhumanity poses several questions like where are we heading towards? Where is humanity? Who is responsible for the crime: people or the society? Surely one can understand the height of moral degradation, barbarism, injustice, ill-treatment of women and much more in the society we live in.
The need is to empathize with the victims like the above mentioned minor and mentally impaired girl, Uri girl and many others who have suffered one way or the other and to give them loads of encouragement so that they may live their lives happily after being predated upon. Though, it won’t be as easy as I put it here but if we implant our true religious approaches, employ these in practice, plus respect these victims in every possible manner then it may be possible for these victims to lead their lives comfortably without taboos. Further, we need to help poor, needy, and helpless people because in many cases these people turn to be the victims of influence, power, and politics. I would end this write up with Prophet’s (SAW) saying “feed them with food which you eat, clothe them with such clothing as you wear, and do not cause trouble to Allah’s creatures.”

The author is a Research Scholar based in Hyderabad. He can be reached at: