Slain Pampore militant left fiancée in tears

Slain Pampore militant left fiancée in tears
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PAMPORE: One of the militants killed in a gunfight in Budgam on Thursday had joined militancy in July this year, few days after he had been engaged to his cousin and their marriage fixed for November 5.
Twenty-eight-year-old Mohammad Amin Dar, a resident of Drangbal in Pampore had fled home on June 29, just a few days after a ring ceremony was held for his engagement with his cousin.
In an ironic twist of fate, Amin returned home dead, as if to keep the date.
Amin had announced his joining of militant outfit Lashkar e-Toiba in July with a picture on social media in which he held an AK-47 assault rifle, and ammunition on chest.
His family had made vehement appeals to him to return home.
Amin was an orphan who lived with his brothers. His mother had died in 1993 and father in 2016, family told Kashmir Reader. He is survived by four brothers, all married.
Before joining militant ranks, Amin distributed milk products of Khyber to shopkeepers in Pampore.
“We appeal him, wherever he is, to come back home as soon possible. Don’t leave us like this,” his aunt, mother of her fiancée, had said in a tearful appeal to him, when Amin went missing.
She had even mentioned about the deteriorating health of her fiancée. Amin’s brothers had also appealed for his return.
Amin brothers told Kashmir Reader that he never visited home since he left in July.