Notes on the Ailing Education System in Kashmir

Notes on the Ailing Education System in Kashmir
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Meer Abas

A country, organization or even a society, if desirous of fame and due honor, must do well enough in the educational sector radically. In this sense, we in J& K lag far behind even those societies which were more backward than us in this domain. The radical cause of most of the disasters is lacking of education. Education confers conscience and fortitude to an individual and societies. A good education system is the real and perennial cause of a country’s enduring prosperity and growth in every aspect.
J & K, in contrast , to its counter-parts is a weak state in terms of education. The basic reason behind this is political interference. An illiterate person cannot lead the bunch of professional souls so, how an uneducated politician can bring reforms in J& K’s ailing education system. In between politicians’ personal conflicts, our education system has been victimized and perished in wrangles.
Education has been insipid due to corruption and bribery in most of the sections and departments of educational firms. An ailing education is the symbol of an ailing nation which is being idle and cannot grow its roots again. Corruption and bribery are two gigantic incurable diseases that cause the demise of real talent and eventually education.
In today’s world, education in J&K is no less than getting credentials. As no one is keen to learn and this condition has made students in deep slumber of darkness where, as a consequence, consequence they fall into an awful disease called copy-culture. Students are themselves responsible for such scurrilous and cheap activity. Copy culture has been a tradition now in most areas of the region( not merely in basic education but in higher education as well). People think it is impossible to get good grades without such bad and self-destructing activity but they never know that they are abolishing their own path as well as of their future generations.
Education is the basic reason behind a country’s prosperity or it can be a reason behind its catastrophic destruction, if it is not up to the mark. The ailing education system of the region has compelled it backward in many of its platforms; the biggest fall-down it has had in its economy. As soon as education rate is decreasing, it will continuously undermine the economy because that time is not so far when there will be no more professionals to operate and run the big industries, institutions and corporations and the societies will be full of laymen.
J& K is facing severe chronic problems due to such an ailing education system: It is in giving birth to poverty and an increasing ratio of unemployment. It affects common people, the most when such institutions and educational firms are repressed by official apathy. The consequences of such actions will be only the growing number of destitute persons and suicidal cases in the region.
There is a solution to every problem. Our ailing education system could be improved if our officials take the lead. Such serious educational problems can be solved if the expedition starts from government and officials with true diligence, persistency and perseverance. The mandate people give to officials for betterment of the region and they should perceive their responsibilities and keep aside their personal conflicts and negotiate this matter as a whole for people, and future generations. To restate the obvious, a country cannot thrive and prosper until and unless it has an ailing education system.
The initiative should be taken from within the educational base. The corruption and bribery in education cannot be eradicated till people who are in education and are meritorious. If our education system is unreliable and run by the corrupted then nothing can be changed.. By doing this, the real talent will come out and on pure merit base. J&K’s education system can be exemplified by making it a pure platform of merit and this could be done by providing jobs, career opportunities and other benefit to those who actually deserve.

The author is a Lecturer at Degree College Handwara in the Department of English. He can be reached at: