MVD’s postal delivery of RCs leaves vehicle owners in helpless wait

MVD’s postal delivery of RCs leaves vehicle owners in helpless wait
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Srinagar: Owners of new vehicles in Srinagar have been left in distress by the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD), since it began to despatch Registration Certificates (RC) by post from August.
Several vehicle owners told Kashmir Reader that after the MVD discarded the earlier practise of providing RCs by hand, they have been facing immense problems, as the despatches take weeks or months to arrive.
The problems of owners are compounded with the traffic police refusing to take the alibis of delayed posts, they said.
Earlier Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) had issued an order that all vehicles purchased after July 25, 2018, would have registration certificates delivered through speed-post to the owners.
“On 21 August after completing all formalities in the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) department of Srinagar, the officials told me that ‘you do not have visit the office for RC as you will receive your RC through speed post within 15 days’,” said Ghulam Muhammad.
“Now almost more than two months have gone, still I am not able to receive my RC. As a result I have paid fines three times, as traffic police did not understand our problem,” he said.
He added that he visited the department many times “but they are unable to solve my problem and are just passing the buck”.
While the home delivery of driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates was meant to benefit people, but the provision has turned into a headache for people.
Regional Transport Officer, Srinagar, Dr. Akram-ullah Tak told Kashmir Reader that they don’t know what was happening to the despatches.
“I don’t what the problem is, why they don’t receive their RC in time,” Tak said.
Assistance Regional Transport Officer, Arif Parveez Shah, told Kashmir Reader that initially the postman would come once a week for collection, and now they come twice a week for better service.
“The applicants do not mention their address properly, that is one of the reason they do not receive their RC on time,” he said.