The Real Philosophy of Life

The Real Philosophy of Life
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It may be a most arduous job to give life a concrete and synthetic definition that is likely put a perspective on it. The complexity of life lies in its varying attitude and nature.
Man, being the best creature of God , enjoys the full meaning of life; he, by virtue of his inherent intellect , can choose what to do, and what not to do. It is therefore, all the essentials of a standard life like: name, fame, honour, love, care, success, failure, hate, family, society, friendship, enmity, etcetera are attached and affiliated with man only.
Man is basically meant to live collectively in groups; he always needs some other people to get his own life concretely complete. Life is, hence, a practical platform to perform different tasks with a true spirit of interest and intelligence. There is no royal road to make life highly luxurious; however, a long run with ceaseless toiling can turn it to be the ideal one.
Life is a full-time frustration for those who do not dare to move, whose sun sets before it arises, who believe in leaving the things which are hard to find, far to get, and troubling to touch. Life is , in fact a machinery functioning on its two tracks: pain and gain: “No pain, no gain”. The real essence of life can be enjoyed by happiness and courage to do something very wonderful.
Life is however a typical lesson. The ideal spirit of life lies in dedication; to live gloriously and boldly for others, to help the poor and to ease the weak. Life is not to wander aimlessly but to strive sharply. That is what, aptly regarded as one crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.
All the heroic figures and pioneers this world has ever produced were used to believing in struggle. The highest secret of their successful leaderships was their faith in dedication to hard work. There are numerous examples before to get inspiration from who made everything from nothing, and lived gloriously self-satisfied in the service of humankind.
Where there is ease, there is pain. Good deeds are not always rewarded with good. People do forget your sympathetic behaviour with them during their rainy days. Instead of being grateful, they pessimistically analyse your conduct, and ignore your position of honour. However, hard workers have no account for failures. For, they believe that the true labour with smart diligence is ultimately to be rewarded no matter a little late it may be.
Success is often not attained physically; the very first feeling of finding a duty done fills the heart with long-lasting spiritual joy that nothing can overwhelm. See the martyrs around who lay down their lives with no apparent success to have in their hands, but they mark every dawn of freedom with their pure patriotism. In the words of Longfellow:
“That heights by great men reached and kept
Where not attained by sudden flight,
But they, while their companions slept,
Were toiling upward in the night.”
So, comfort finds her final rest in work alone. The glory of life is undoubtedly attached to how long you can strive. The more you sweat, the sweeter your life shall be. After all, life is life with deeds, not with years. It consists in activity and adventure. Only rest and work with no zest take the life to waste. It is, therefore, necessary to lead life to the best of its motives, meanings and ambitions. Life is a blessing once offered only. So, make it once for all and all in once.

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