The Plight of Kashmiri Students Outside the Valley

The Plight of Kashmiri Students Outside the Valley
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The plight of Kashmiri students studying outside the valley can’t be easily measured because of the incidents like assaulting Kashmiri student recently in Chandigarh where a final year engineering student namely Mubashir Ahmad of Balhama Srinagar was attacked with knives and iron rods. Mubashir was attacked by a group of seven students who entered into his room outside the college premises at a time when he was sleeping.
He said, “a group of more than six persons barged inside, three were masked and all were carrying iron rods and knives with them”. They started beating him with the iron rods and knives and did not allow him to react. They beat him to a pulp and leaving him in a state of shock and physically debilitated.
The irony is that the group after beating Mubashir said they had some misunderstanding and he was attacked mistakenly. In reality, he was not provided any chance to utter a word so that he could have enquired why they wanted to assault him and it seems more like a pre-planned intention on part of the group of boys who assaulted Mubashir.
The fact is that this is not for the first time that a Kashmiri student was attacked outside the valley; there have been many incidents of the assaults, abuses, seditious charges and many more on Kashmiri students across India where Kashmiri students were victimized, in one way, or the other. In a similar incident in the month of February of this year, two Kashmiri students were assaulted by an angry mob in Haryana after Friday Prayers. In an another incident in Delhi in the May of this year, a mob attacked a Kashmiri women over feeding stray dogs.
The students outside the valley continue live in the fear psychosis that they don’t know how and when they may be the victims of one thing or the other for being Kashmiris.
The question is for how long shall this streak of assaulting Kashmiri students outside the valley continue? Shall there be any investigation regarding these untoward incidents? Shall the assailant(s) be provided any relief by way of punishing the culprits? Shall Kashmiri students be provided any safety and security? Are Kashmiri students considered the “other” outside the valley? It’s not easy to answer these questions provided you possess an honest, sincere, accountable and credible approach to solve the helpless plight of Kashmiri students outside the valley.
We have many examples in which Kashmiri students were expelled from the colleges for supporting a particular team. There have been times in which some cases were registered against Kashmiri students only because they wrote something on social media which did not attract the likes of locals.
It’s imperative to mention here that some serious steps should be taken by the government to stop the terrible circle of attacking and assaulting Kashmiri students otherwise we may see more untoward incidents in the nearby time on Kashmiris. But so far the government has not been able to provide any concrete step so as to avoid such attacks.
The policy of ‘Kashmir, Kashmiriat, and democracy’ of late AtalBihari doesn’t seem to bring any comfort to the Kashmiri students studying outside; rather these appear to be more theoretical than practical at present times. It seems that Kashmiri students across the country only attract more assaults than any affection from the people even though they go outside the valley only to further their education, get good jobs, and to do something to their society. The need of the hour is to provide some safety and security to the Kashmiri students studying outside by talking to the respective authorities of the concerned states where the actual incidents take place and to seriously try to make some mechanisms where the students can put their problems and thus be taken into cognizance and considerations and some serious action be taken against those who are involved in attacking or assaulting Kashmiri as of some or the other purposes.

—The author is a Research Scholar from Kashmir. He is based in Hyderabad and can be reached